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2015A full genomic characterization of the development of a stable Small Colony Variant cell-type by a clinical Staphylococcus aureus strainBui, L.; Kidd, S.
2013The concentration of intracellular nickel in Haemophilus influenzae is linked to its surface properties and cell-cell aggregation and biofilm formationNg, J.; Kidd, S.
2012Phenotypic characterization of a copA mutant of Neisseria gonorrhoeae identifies a link between copper and nitrosative stressDjoko, K.; Franiek, J.; Edwards, J.; Falsetta, M.; Kidd, S.; Potter, A.; Chen, N.; Apicella, M.; Jennings, M.; McEwan, A.
2011Novel Regulation in Response to Host-generated Stresses: The MerR Family of Regulators in Pathogenic BacteriaKidd, S.
2010Regulation of the 18 kDa heat shock protein in Mycobacterium ulcerans: An alpha-crystallin orthologue that promotes biofilm formationPidot, S.; Porter, J.; Tobias, N.; Anderson, J.; Catmull, D.; Seemann, T.; Kidd, S.; Davies, J.; Reynolds, E.; Dashper, S.; Stinear, T.
2011A novel nickel responsive MerR-like regulator, NimR, from Haemophilus influenzaeKidd, S.; Djoko, K.; Ng, J.; Argente, M.; Jennings, M.; McEwan, A.
2011Novel bacterial MerR-like regulators: Their role in the response to carbonyl and nitrosative stressMcEwan, A.; Djoko, K.; Chen, N.; Counago, R.; Kidd, S.; Potter, A.; Jennings, M.
2012A glutathione-based system for defense against carbonyl stress in Haemophilus influenzaeKidd, S.; Jiang, C.; Tikhomirova, A.; Jennings, M.; McEwan, A.
2015A new insight into the role of intracellular nickel levels for the stress response, surface properties and twitching motility by Haemophilus influenzaeTikhomirova, A.; Jiang, D.; Kidd, S.
2016Haemophilus influenzae strains possess variations in the global transcriptional profile in response to oxygen levels and this influences sensitivity to environmental stressesJiang, D.; Tikhomirova, A.; Kidd, S.