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2011Aire regulates the transfer of antigen from mTECs to dendritic cells for induction of thymic toleranceHubert, F.; Kinkel, S.; Davey, G.; Phipson, B.; Mueller, S.; Liston, A.; Proietto, A.; Cannon, P.; Forehan, S.; Smyth, G.; Wu, L.; Goodnow, C.; Carbone, F.; Scott, H.; Heath, W.
2013Tmprss3 loss of function impairs cochlear inner hair cell Kcnma1 channel membrane expressionMolina, L.; Fasquelle, L.; Nouvian, R.; Salvetat, N.; Scott, H.; Guipponi, M.; Molina, F.; Puel, J.; Delprat, B.
2016In depth analysis of the Sox4 gene locus that consists of sense and natural antisense transcriptsLing, K.; Brautigan, P.; Moore, S.; Fraser, R.; Leong, M.; Leong, J.; Zainal Abidin, S.; Lee, H.; Cheah, P.; Raison, J.; Babic, M.; Lee, Y.; Daish, T.; Mattiske, D.; Mann, J.; Adelson, D.; Thomas, P.; Hahn, C.; Scott, H.
2011Investigating the potential role of genetic and epigenetic variation of DNA methyltransferase genes in hyperplastic polyposis syndromeDrini, M.; Wong, N.; Scott, H.; Craig, J.; Dobrovic, A.; Hewitt, C.; Dow, C.; Young, J.; Jenkins, M.; Saffery, R.; Macrae, F.
2012Proteomic and metabolomic analyses of mitochondrial complex I-deficient mouse model generated by spontaneous B2 short interspersed nuclear element (SINE) insertion into NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 4 (Ndufs4) geneLeong, D.; Komen, J.; Hewitt, C.; Arnaud, E.; McKenzie, M.; Phipson, B.; Bahlo, M.; Laskowski, A.; Kinkel, S.; Davey, G.; Heath, W.; Voss, A.; Zahedi, R.; Pitt, J.; Chrast, R.; Sickmann, A.; Ryan, M.; Smyth, G.; Thorburn, D.; Scott, H.
2011Deep sequencing analysis of the developing mouse brain reveals a novel microRNALing, K.; Brautigan, P.; Hahn, C.; Daish, T.; Rayner, J.; Cheah, P.; Raison, J.; Piltz, S.; Mann, J.; Mattiske, D.; Thomas, P.; Adelson, D.; Scott, H.
2012Clonal and lineage analysis of somatic DNMT3A and JAK2 mutations in a chronic phase polycythemia vera patientRao, N.; Butcher, C.; Lewis, I.; Ross, D.; Vaz de Melo, J.; Scott, H.; Bardy, P.; D'Andrea, R.
2011Tmprss3, a transmembrane serine protease deficient in human DFNB8/10 deafness, is critical for cochlear hair cell survival at the onset of hearingFasquelle, L.; Scott, H.; Lenoir, M.; Wang, J.; Rebillard, G.; Gaboyard, S.; Venteo, S.; Francois, F.; Masset-Bonnefont, A.; Antonarakis, S.; Neidhart, E.; Chabbert, C.; Puel, J.; Guipponi, M.; Delprat, B.
2011Spatiotemporal regulation of multiple overlapping sense and novel natural antisense transcripts at the Nrgn and Camk2n1 gene loci during mouse cerebral corticogenesisLing, K.; Hewitt, C.; Beissbarth, T.; Hyde, L.; Cheah, P.; Smyth, G.; Tan, S.; Hahn, C.; Thomas, T.; Thomas, P.; Scott, H.
2015HENMT1 and piRNA stability are required for adult male germ cell transposon repression and to define the spermatogenic program in the mouseLim, S.; Qu, Z.; Kortschak, R.; Lawrence, D.; Geoghegan, J.; Hempfling, A.; Bergmann, M.; Goodnow, C.; Ormandy, C.; Wong, L.; Mann, J.; Scott, H.; Jamsai, D.; Adelson, D.; O'Bryan, M.