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2012Defining the antigenic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1 and the requirements for a multi-allele vaccine against malariaDrew, D.; Hodder, A.; Wilson, D.; Foley, M.; Mueller, I.; Siba, P.; Dent, A.; Cowman, A.; Beeson, J.
2011Super-resolution dissection of coordinated events during malaria parasite invasion of the human erythrocyteRiglar, D.; Richard, D.; Wilson, D.; Boyle, M.; Dekiwadia, C.; Turnbull, L.; Angrisano, F.; Marapana, D.; Rogers, K.; Whitchurch, C.; Beeson, J.; Cowman, A.; Ralph, S.; Baum, J.
2013Cell-cell communication between malaria-infected red blood cells via exosome-like vesiclesRegev-Rudzki, N.; Wilson, D.; Carvalho, T.; Sisquella, X.; Coleman, B.; Rug, M.; Bursac, D.; Angrisano, F.; Gee, M.; Hill, A.; Baum, J.; Cowman, A.
2013Defining the timing of action of antimalarial drugs against Plasmodium falciparumWilson, D.; Langer, C.; Goodman, C.; McFadden, G.; Beeson, J.
2010Complement receptor 1 is the host erythrocyte receptor for Plasmodium falciparum PfRh4 invasion ligandTham, W.; Wilson, D.; Lopaticki, S.; Schmidt, C.; Tetteh-Quarcoo, P.; Barlow, P.; Richard, D.; Corbin, J.; Beeson, J.; Cowman, A.
2016Essential role of the PfRh5/PfRipr/CyRPA complex during plasmodium falciparum invasion of erythrocytesVolz, J.; Yap, A.; Sisquella, X.; Thompson, J.; Lim, N.; Whitehead, L.; Chen, L.; Lampe, M.; Tham, W.; Wilson, D.; Nebl, T.; Marapana, D.; Triglia, T.; Wong, W.; Rogers, K.; Cowman, A.
2016Merozoite antigens of plasmodium falciparum elicit strain-transcending opsonizing immunityHill, D.; Wilson, D.; Sampaio, N.; Eriksson, E.; Ryg-Cornejo, V.; Abby Harrison, G.; Uboldi, A.; Robinson, L.; Beeson, J.; Siba, P.; Cowman, A.; Hansen, D.; Mueller, I.; Schofielda, L.
2011Discovery of GAMA, a Plasmodium falciparum merozoite micronemal protein, as a novel blood-stage vaccine candidate antigenArumugam, T.; Takeo, S.; Yamasaki, T.; Thonkukiatkul, A.; Miura, K.; Otsuki, H.; Zhou, H.; Long, C.; Sattabongkot, J.; Thompson, J.; Wilson, D.; Beeson, J.; Healer, J.; Crabb, B.; Cowman, A.; Torii, M.; Tsuboi, T.
2012Biochemical and functional analysis of two plasmodium falciparum blood-stage 6-cys proteins: P12 and P41Taechalertpaisarn, T.; Crosnier, C.; Bartholdson, S.; Hodder, A.; Thompson, J.; Bustamante, L.; Wilson, D.; Sanders, P.; Wright, G.; Rayner, J.; Cowman, A.; Gilson, P.; Crabb, B.
2012The Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte invasion ligand Pfrh4 as a target of functional and protective human antibodies against malariaReiling, L.; Richards, J.; Fowkes, F.; Wilson, D.; Chokejindachai, W.; Barry, A.; Tham, W.; Stubbs, J.; Langer, C.; Donelson, J.; Michon, P.; Tavul, L.; Crabb, B.; Siba, P.; Cowman, A.; Mueller, I.; Beeson, J.