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2011A Genome-Wide survey of imprinted genes in rice seeds reveals imprinting primarily occurs in the endospermLuo, M.; Taylor, J.; Spriggs, A.; Zhang, H.; Wu, X.; Russell, S.; Singh, M.; Koltunow, A.
2011Seroepidemiology of human bocaviruses 1-4Kantola, Kalle; Hedman, Lea; Arthur, Jane Louise; Alibeto, Abdiwahab; Delwart, Eric; Jartti, Tuomas; Ruuskanen, Olli; Hedman, Klaus; Soderlund-Venermo, Maria
2011Amino acid features: a missing compartment of prediction of protein functionEbrahimie, E.; Ebrahimi, M.; Ebrahimi, M.
2011Relaxin family peptides in the male reproductive system - a critical appraisalIvell, R.; Kotula-Balak, M.; Glynn, D.; Heng, K.; Anand Ivell, R.
2011Pollution of River Mahaweli and farmlands under irrigation by cadmium from agricultural inputs leading to a chronic renal failure epidemic among farmers in NCP, Sri LankaBandara, J. M. R. S.; Wijewardena, H. V. P.; Bandara, Y. M. A. Y.; Jayasooriya, R. G. P. T.; Rajapaksha, Kolin Harinda
2011The biology of coral metamorphosis: Molecular responses of larvae to inducers of settlement and metamorphosisGrasso, L.; Negri, A.; Foret, S.; Saint, R.; Hayward, D.; Miller, D.; Ball, E.
2011Refsum's Disease - Use of the intestinal lipase inhibitor, Orlistat, as a novel therapeutic approach to a complex disorderPerera, Nimalie J.; Lewis, Barry; Tran, Huy; Fietz, Michael James; Sullivan, David R.
2011Nitric Oxide and Gram-positive Pathogens: Host Triggers and Bacterial Defence MechanismsUlett, Glen C.; Potter, Adam Joseph
2011Probing the allosteric activation of pyruvate carboxylase using 2',3'-O-(2,4,6-trinitrophenyl) adenosine 5'-triphosphate as a fluorescent mimic of the allosteric activator acetyl CoAAdina-Zada, A.; Hazra, R.; Sereeruk, C.; Jitrapakdee, S.; Zeczycki, T.; Maurice, M.; Cleland, W.; Wallace, J.; Attwood, P.
2011Structural analysis of the essential resuscitation promoting factor YeaZ suggests a mechanism of nucleotide regulation through dimer reorganizationAydin, I.; Saijo-Hamano, Y.; Namba, K.; Thomas, C.; Roujeinikova, A.