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2012The mammalian PYHIN gene family: Phylogeny, evolution and expressionCridland, J.; Curley, E.; Wykes, M.; Schroder, K.; Sweet, M.; Roberts, T.; Ragan, M.; Kassahn, K.; Stacey, K.
2012Targeting JAK1/2 and mTOR in murine xenograft models of Ph-like acute lymphoblastic leukemiaMaude, S.; Tasian, S.; Vincent, T.; Hall, J.; Sheen, C.; Roberts, K.; Seif, A.; Barrett, D.; Chen, I.; Collins, J.; Mullighan, C.; Hunger, S.; Harvey, R.; Willman, C.; Fridman, J.; Loh, M.; Grupp, S.; Teachey, D.
2012A new species of extinct little owl from the Pleistocene of Mallorca (Balearic Islands)Guerra, C.; Bover, P.; Alcover, J.A.
2012Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphism: effects on plasma lipids and risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary artery diseaseChaudhary, R.; Likidlilid, A.; Peerapatdit, T.; Tresukosol, D.; Srisuma, S.; Ratanamaneechat, S.; Sriratanasathavorn, C.
2012Complexity of a complex trait locus: HP, HPR, haemoglobin and cholesterolGuthrie, P.; Rodriguez, S.; Gaunt, T.; Lawlor, D.; Smith, G.; Day, I.
2012Integration of genetics into a systems model of electrocardiographic traits using humanCVD beadchipGaunt, T.; Shah, S.; Nelson, C.; Drenos, F.; Braund, P.; Adeniran, I.; Folkersen, L.; Lawlor, D.; Casas, J.; Amuzu, A.; Kivimaki, M.; Whittaker, J.; Eriksson, P.; Zhang, H.; Hancox, J.; Tomaszewski, M.; Burton, P.; Tobin, M.; Humphries, S.; Talmud, P.; et al.
2012SAGA complex components and acetate repression in Aspergillus nidulansGeorgakopoulos, P.; Lockington, R.; Kelly, J.
2012Anisotropy and spatial tactile acuity on human lipsTodd, Gabrielle
2012Phthalates and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid in human amniotic fluid: temporal trends and timing of amniocentesis in pregnancyJensen, M.; Norgaard-Pedersen, B.; Toft, G.; Hougaard, D.; Bonde, J.; Cohen, A.; Thulstrup, A.; Ivell, R.; Anand Ivell, R.; Lindh, C.; Jonsson, B.
2012XX male sex reversal with genital abnormalities associated with a de novo SOX3 gene duplicationMoalem, S.; Babul-Hirji, R.; Stavropolous, D.; Wherrett, D.; Bagli, D.; Thomas, P.; Chitayat, D.