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2013Immunization with recombinant Chaperonin60 (Chp60) outer membrane protein induces a bactericidal antibody response against Neisseria meningitidisPhillips, R.; Williams, J.; Tan, W.-.M.; Bielecka, M.; Thompson, H.; Hung, M.-.C.; Heckels, J.; Christodoulides, M.
2013Multiplication of the waterborne pathogen Cryptosporidium parvum in an aquatic biofilm systemKoh, W.; Clode, P.; Monis, P.; Thompson, R.
2013Leflunomide for inflammatory arthritis in end-stage renal disease on peritoneal dialysis: A pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic studyRusso, Paul A. J.; Wiese, Michael; Smith, Malcolm D.; Ahern, Michael J.; Barbara, Jeffrey Allan J.; Shanahan, Michael E.
2013MALDI-MS tissue imaging identification of biliverdin reductase B overexpression in prostate cancerPallua, J.; Schaefer, G.; Seifarth, C.; Becker, M.; Meding, S.; Rauser, S.; Walch, A.; Handler, M.; Netzer, M.; Popovscaia, M.; Osl, M.; Baumgartner, C.; Lindner, H.; Kremser, L.; Sarg, B.; Bartsch, G.; Huck, C.; Bonn, G.; Klocker, H.
2013Potential functional replacement of the plastidic acetyl-CoA carboxylase subunit (accD) gene by recent transfers to the nucleus in some angiosperm lineagesRousseau, M.; Huang, X.; Higginson, E.; Ayliffe, M.; Day, A.; Timmis, J.
2013A reporter system for replication-competent gammaretroviruses: the inGluc-MLV-DERSE assayAloia, A.; Duffy, L.; Pak, V.; Lee, K.; Sanchez-Martinez, S.; Derse, D.; Heidecker, G.; Cornetta, K.; Rein, A.
2013Molecular pathology of polyalanine expansion disorders: New perspectives from mouse modelsHughes, J.; Thomas, P.
2013Histone deacetylase inhibition in colorectal cancer cells reveals competing roles for members of the oncogenic miR-17-92 clusterHumphreys, Karen J.; Cobiac, Lynne; Le Leu, Richard K.; van der Hoek, Mark Benjamin; Michael, Michael Z.
2013Brief maternal exposure of rats to the xenobiotics dibutyl phthalate or diethylstilbestrol alters adult-type Leydig cell development in male offspringIvell, R.; Heng, K.; Nicholson, H.; Anand Ivell, R.
2013Distinct roles for Toll and autophagy pathways in double-stranded RNA toxicity in a Drosophila model of expanded repeat neurodegenerative diseasesSamaraweera, S.; O'Keefe, L.; Price, G.; Venter, D.; Richards, R.