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2012Cryptococcus neoformans-Cryptococcus gattii Species Complex: an International Study of Wild-Type Susceptibility Endpoint Distributions and Epidemiological Cutoff Values for Fluconazole, Itraconazole, Posaconazole, and VoriconazoleEspinel-Ingroff, A.; Aller, A.; Canton, E.; Castanon-Olivares, L.; Chowdhary, A.; Cordoba, S.; Cuenca-Estrella, M.; Fothergill, A.; Fuller, J.; Govender, N.; Hagen, F.; Illnait-Zaragozi, M.; Johnson, E.; Kidd, S.; Lass-Florl, C.; Lockhart, S.; Martins, M.; Meis, J.; Melhem, M.; Ostrosky-Zeichner, L.; et al.
2013Interlaboratory variability of caspofungin MICs for Candida spp. using CLSI and EUCAST methods: Should the clinical laboratory be testing this agent?Espinel-Ingroff, A.; Arendrup, M.; Pfaller, M.; Bonfietti, L.; Bustamante, B.; Canton, E.; Chryssanthou, E.; Cuenca-Estrella, M.; Dannaoui, E.; Fothergill, A.; Fuller, J.; Gaustad, P.; Gonzalez, G.; Guarro, J.; Lass-Florl, C.; Lockhart, S.; Meis, J.; Moore, C.; Ostrosky-Zeichner, L.; Pelaez, T.; et al.
2017Multicenter, International Study of MIC/ MEC Distributions for definition of epidemiological cutoff values for sporothrix species identified by molecular methodsEspinel-Ingroff, A.; Abreu, D.; Almeida-Paes, R.; Brilhante, R.; Chakrabarti, A.; Chowdhary, A.; Hagen, F.; Córdoba, S.; Gonzalez, G.; Govender, N.; Guarro, J.; Johnson, E.; Kidd, S.; Pereira, S.; Rodrigues, A.; Rozental, S.; Szeszs, M.; Ballesté Alaniz, R.; Bonifaz, A.; Bonfietti, L.; et al.