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2010Structure, biological functions and applications of the AB5 toxinsBeddoe, T.; Paton, A.; Le Nours, J.; Rossjohn, J.; Paton, J.
2010Receptor-mimic probiotics: Potential therapeutics for bacterial toxin-mediated enteric diseasesPaton, A.; Morona, R.; Paton, J.
2010Importance of CXC chemokine receptor 2 in alveolar neutrophil and exudate macrophage recruitment in response to pneumococcal lung infectionHerbold, W.; Maus, R.; Hahn, I.; Ding, N.; Srivastava, M.; Christman, J.; Mack, M.; Reutershan, J.; Briles, D.; Paton, J.; Winter, C.; Welte, T.; Maus, U.
2010Evaluation of biophotonic imaging to estimate bacterial burden in mice infected with highly virulent compared to less virulent Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypesHenken, S.; Bohling, J.; Ogunniyi, A.; Paton, J.; Salisbury, V.; Welte, T.; Maus, U.
2010Targeting GRP78 to enhance melanoma cell deathMartin, S.; Hill, D.; Paton, J.; Paton, A.; Birch-Machin, M.; Lovat, P.; Redfern, C.
2010Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxinPaton, A.; Paton, J.
2010Efficacy profiles of Daptomycin for treatment of Iinvasive and noninvasive pulmonary infections with treptococcus pneumoniaeHenken, S.; Bohling, J.; Martens-Lobenhoffer, J.; Paton, J.; Ogunniyi, A.; Briles, D.; Salisbury, V.; Wedekind, D.; Bode-Boger, S.; Welsh, T.; Bange, F.; Welte, T.; Maus, U.
2010Central role of manganese in regulation of stress responses, physiology, and metabolism in Streptococcus pneumoniaeOgunniyi, A.; Mahdi, L.; Jennings, M.; McEwan, A.; McDevitt, C.; Van der Hoek, M.; Bagley, C.; Hoffmann, P.; Gould, K.; Paton, J.
2010Bacterial lipoproteins differentially regulate human primary and memory CD4+T and B cell responses to pneumococcal protein antigens through Toll-like receptor 2Zhang, Q.; Bagrade, L.; Clarke, E.; Paton, J.; Nunez, D.; Finn, A.
2010Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxin induces apoptosis regulated by host Bcl-2 family proteins Bax/BakMay, K.; Paton, J.; Paton, A.