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2013A systematic review assessing bidirectionality between sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depressionAlvaro, P.; Roberts, R.; Harris, J.
2015The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale: establishing invariance between gender across the lifespan in a large community based studyLiu, D.; Fairweather-Schmidt, A.; Burns, R.; Roberts, R.
2014The Skin Cancer and Sun Knowledge (SCSK) Scale: validity, reliability, and relationship to sun-related behaviors among young western adultsDay, A.; Wilson, C.; Roberts, R.; Hutchinson, A.
2012Mindful pregnancy and childbirth: effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on women's psychological distress and well-being in the perinatal periodDunn, C.; Hanieh, E.; Roberts, R.; Powrie, R.
2014Survivors of childhood cancer in South Australia attending a late-effects clinic: a descriptive report of psychological, cognitive, and academic late-effectsRoberts, R.; Robins, T.; Gannoni, A.; Tapp, H.
2016Qualitative evaluation of pretreatment patient concerns in orthodonticsTwigge, E.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.; Dreyer, C.; Sampson, W.
2016The utility of non-specific measures of resilience across the lifespan: an investigation of structural invariance across gender and age cohortsLiu, D.; Fairweather-Schmidt, A.; Burns, R.; Roberts, R.
2017Employment and multiple sclerosis: a meta-analytic review of psychological correlatesDorstyn, D.; Roberts, R.; Murphy, G.; Haub, R.
2014Systematic review of leisure therapy and its effectiveness in managing functional outcomes in stroke rehabilitationDorstyn, D.; Roberts, R.; Kneebone, I.; Kennedy, P.; Lieu, C.
2013Predictors of sun-related behaviors among young women: comparisons between outdoor tanners, fake tanners, and tan avoidersDay, A.; Oxlad, M.; Roberts, R.