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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Inspection time in the structure of cognitive abilities: Where does IT fit?Burns, N.; Nettelbeck, T.
2002Personal vulnerability to victimization of people with mental retardationNettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.
2002Research note: A cross-cultural study of parents' academic standards and educational aspirations for their childrenDandy, J.; Nettelbeck, T.
2001Primary school teachers' judgements of reading achievementBates, C.; Nettelbeck, T.
2002The relationship between IQ, homework, aspirations and academic achievement for Chinese, Vietnamese and Anglo-Celtic Australian school childrenDandy, J.; Nettelbeck, T.
2007Investigating naturalistic decision making in a simulated microworld: What questions should we ask?Elliott, T.; Welsh, M.; Nettelbeck, T.; Mills, V.
2006Investigating the construct validity associated with microworld research: A comparison of performance under different management structures across expert and non-expert naturalistic decision-making groupsChapman, T.; Nettelbeck, T.; Welsh, M.; Mills, V.
2008Associations between nutrition and cognitive functioning in older adultsDanthiir, V.; Wilson, C.; Nettelbeck, T.; Burns, N.; Wittert, G.; 29th International Congress of Psychology (20 Jul 2008 - 25 Jul 2008 : Berlin, Germany)
2006Ginkgo biloba: no robust effect on cognitive abilities or mood in healthy young or older adultsBurns, N.; Bryan, J.; Nettelbeck, T.
2005Intelligence and IQ: what teachers should knowNettelbeck, T.; Wilson, C.