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2007Changes in attention and information-processing speed following severe traumatic brain injury: A meta-analytic reviewMathias, J.; Wheaton, P.
2005Prospective and declarative memory problems following moderate and severe traumatic brain injuryMathias, J.; Mansfield, K.
2009Cognitive predictors of unsafe driving in older drivers: a meta-analysisMathias, J.; Lucas, L.
2007Is performance on the Wechsler test of adult reading affected by traumatic brain injury?Mathias, J.; Bowden, S.; Bigler, E.; Rosenfeld, J.
2004Neuropsychological and information processing deficits following mild traumatic brain injuryMathias, J.; Beall, J.; Bigler, E.
2007Accuracy of the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR) and National Adult Reading Test (NART) when estimating IQ in a healthy Australian sampleMathias, J.; Bowden, S.; Barrett-Woodbridge, M.
2009Relationship between intelligence and the size and composition of the corpus callosumHutchinson, A.; Mathias, J.; Jacobson, B.; Ruzic, L.; Bond, A.; Banich, M.
2007Relationships between bereavement and cognitive functioning in older adultsWard, L.; Mathias, J.; Hitchings, S.
2001Performance on the test of everyday attention and standard tests of attention following severe traumatic brain injuryBate, A.; Mathias, J.; Crawford, J.
2004Neuropsychological and information processing performance and its relationship to white matter changes following moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: a preliminary studyMathias, J.; Bigler, E.; Jones, N.; Bowen, S.; Barrett-Woodbridge, M.; Brown, G.; Taylor, D.