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2011A 100 ka record of fluvial activity in the Fitzroy River Basin, tropical northeastern AustraliaCroke, J.; Jansen, J.; Amos, K.; Pietsch, T.
20022001 exploration reviewMackie, S.I.
20123D geological modeling of the Trujillo block: insights for crustal escape models of the Venezuelan AndesDhont, Damien; Monod, Bernard; Hervouet, Yves; Backe, Guillaume Valery Raymond; Klarica, Stephanie; Choy, Jose E.
20103D geological modelling of potential geothermal energy reservoirs in the Flinders Ranges, AustraliaBacke, G.; Giles, D.; Baines, G.; Amos, K.; World Geothermal Congress (2010 : Bali, Indonesia)
20093D geomechanical modelling for CO₂ geologic storage in the Dogger carbonates of the Paris BasinVidal-Gilbert, Sandrine; Nauroy, Jean-Francois; Brosse, Etienne
20153D seismic analysis of complex faulting patterns above the Snapper Field, Gippsland Basin: implications for CO₂ storageSwierczek, E.; Backe, G.; Holford, S.; Tenthorey, E.; Mitchell, A.
20163D simulation of hydraulic fracturing by foam based fluids using a fracture propagation model coupled with geomechanics in an unconventional reservoir the Cooper Basin, South AustraliaFei, Y.; Gonzalez, M.; Pokalai, K.; Haghighi, M.; International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources (IC3G 2016) (28 Sep 2016 - 29 Sep 2016 : Melbourne, Australia)
20084D quantification of stress and strain tensors at Sheep Mountain Anticline (Wyoming, USA) using calcite twin analysisAmrouch, K.; Lacombe, O.; Daniel, J.; American Geophysical Union 2008 Fall Meeting (15 Dec 2008 - 19 Dec 2008 : San Francisco, California)
2006Accelerating the convergence of coupled geomechanical-reservoir simulations.Jeannin, L.; Mainguy, M.; Masson, R.; Vidal-Gilbert, S.
2004Accounting for dispersion in injectivity decline: travelling wave flow regimesAltoe F., J.; Bedrikovetski, P.; Santos, A.; Siqueira, A.; de Souza, A.; SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (2004 : Perth, Australia)
2010Accretionary and melt impactoclasts from the Tookoonooka impact event, AustraliaBron, Katherine Ann
2012Actualistic studies of the spatial and temporal distribution of terrestrial and aquatic organism traces in continental environments to differentiate lacustrine from fluvial, eolian, and marine deposits in the geologic recordHasiotis, S.; Platt, B.; Reilly, M.; Amos, K.; Lang, S.; Kennedy, D.; Todd, J.; Todd, E.
2011Adsorption of nonionic surfactants on clay mineralsJunin, R.; Amirian, T.; Idris, A.
2009Air injection potential in Kenmore oilfield in Eromanga Basin, Australia: A screening study through thermogravimetric and calorimetric analysesSarma, H.; Das, S.; SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference (16th : 2009 : Kingdom of Bahrain)
2003Alpha-synuclein fibrils constitute the central core of oligodendroglial inclusion filaments in multiple system atrophyGai, W.; Pountney, D.; Power, J.; Li, Q.; Culvenor, J.; McLean, A.; Jensen, P.; Blumbergs, P.
2007Alternative modelling approaches for the estimation of irreducible water saturation: Australian hydrocarbon basinsGoda, H.; Behrenbruch, P.; Maier, H.
2008Analysis and management of seismic risks associated with engineered geothermal system operations in South AustraliaMorelli, C.; Malavazos, M.; Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium (3rd : 2008 : Sydney, Australia)
2007Analysis of 2D distinct element models of the Cooper Basin, AustraliaMorelli, C.; Hunt, S.; Boult, P.; Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (11th : 2007 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2015Analysis of low salinity waterflooding in bastrykskoye fieldAhmetgareev, V.; Zeinijahromi, A.; Badalyan, A.; Khisamov, R.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2012Analysis of overpressure and its generating mechanisms in the Northern Carnarvon Basin from drilling dataSagala, A.; Tingay, M.