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2017Pore scale visualization of low salinity water flooding as an enhanced oil recovery methodAmirian, T.; Haghighi, M.; Mostaghimi, P.
2018Impact of clay type and water composition on low salinity water injection - visualisation approachAmirian, T.; Haghighi, M.
2010Scale up and application of biosurfactant from bacillus subtilis in enhanced oil recoveryAmani, H.; Mehrnia, M.; Sarrafzadeh, M.; Haghighi, M.; Soudi, M.
2012Feasibility study of thermally enhanced gas recovery of coal seam gas reservoirs using geothermal resourcesSalmachi, A.; Haghighi, M.
2013An analytical model for desorption area in coal-bed methane production wellsXu, B.; Li, X.; Haghighi, M.; Du, X.; Yang, X.; Chen, D.; Zhai, Y.
2013Infill well placement optimization in coal bed methane reservoirs using genetic algorithmSalmachi, A.; Sayyafzadeh, M.; Haghighi, M.
2010Comparative study of biosurfactant producing bacteria in MEOR applicationsAmani, H.; Sarrafzadeh, M.; Haghighi, M.; Mehrnia, M.
2012An Experimental investigation of optimum capillary number on vertical immiscible gas injection in Iranian carbonate and sandstone rocksKeshavarz, A.; Vatanparast, H.; Zargar, M.; Mostafazadeh, M.; Haghighi, M.
2012An Experimental investigation of the effect of pressure gradient on gas-oil relative permeability in Iranian carbonate rocksKeshavarz, A.; Vatanparast, H.; Zargar, M.; Kalantariasl, A.; Haghighi, M.
2015PVTX characteristics of oil inclusions from Asmari formation in Kuh-e-Mond heavy oil field in IranShariatinia, Z.; Haghighi, M.; Shafiei, A.; Feiznia, S.; Zendehboudi, S.