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2002Building geomechanical models for the safe underground storage of carbon dioxide in porous rockStreit, J.; Hillis, R.; International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (6th : 2002 : Kyoto, Japan)
2011Carbon dioxide storage leads of the eastern Gippsland Basin, Australia - Terminology, seal and structure considerations in trap integrity assessmentsSayers, J.; Daniel, R.; Hillis, R.; Spencer, L.; International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) (19 Sep 2010 - 23 Sep 2010 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2007Basement controls on fault development in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin, and implications for fault-bounded hydrocarbon trapsLyon, P.; Boult, P.; Hillis, R.; Bierbrauer, K.
2010Geomechanical analysis of the Naylor Field, Otway Basin, Australia: Implications for CO₂ injection and storageVidal-Gilbert, S.; Tenthorey, E.; Dewhurst, D.; Ennis-King, J.; Van Ruth, P.; Hillis, R.
2007Using geological information to optimize fracture stimulation practices in the Cooper Basin, AustraliaNelson, E.; Chipperfield, S.; Hillis, R.; Gilbert, J.; McGowen, J.
2005In situ stresses of the West Tuna area, Gippsland BasinNelson, E.; Hillis, R.
2001The search for sites for geological sequestration of CO2 in Australia: A progress report on GEODISCRigg, A.; Allinson, G.; Bradshaw, J.; Ennis-King, J.; Gibson-Poole, C.; Hillis, R.; Lang, S.; Streit, J.
2001Geological controls on overpressure in the Northern Carnarvon BasinTingate, P.; Khaksar, A.; Van Ruth, P.; Dewhurst, D.; Raven, M.; Young, H.; Hillis, R.; Dodds, K.
2003Subsurface sediment mobilization: introductionVan Rensbergen, P.; Hillis, R.; Maltman, A.; Morley, C.
2001Coupled changes in pore pressure and stress in oil fields and sedimentary basinsHillis, R.