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2010A balanced 2D structural model of the Hammerhead Delta-Deepwater Fold-Thrust Belt, Bight Basin, AustraliaKing, R.; Backe, G.
2009Southeast Asian stress map: Implications for petroleum exploration and productionTingay, M.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Coblentz, D.
2012Subsurface mapping of natural fracture networks; A major challenge to be solved. Case study from the shale intervals in the Cooper Basin, South AustraliaAbul Khair, H.; Cooke, D.; Backe, G.; King, R.; Hand, M.; Tingay, M.; Holford, S.; Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering (37th : 2012 : Stanford, California)
2012Reassessing the in-situ stress regimes of Australia's petroleum basinsKing, R.; Holford, S.; Hillis, R.; Tuitt, A.; Swierczek, E.; Backe, G.; Tassone, D.; Tingay, M.
2012Seismic attributes and structural interpretation - it takes two to tangoBacke, G.; Swierczek, E.; MacDonald, J.; Bailey, A.; Tassone, D.; Abul Khair, H.; Holford, S.; King, R.
2012Factors influencing fractures networks within permian shale intervals in the Cooper Basin, South AustraliaAbul Khair, H.; Backe, G.; King, R.; Holford, S.; Tingay, M.; Cooke, D.; Hand, M.
2011Fracture mapping and modelling in shale-gas target in the Cooper basin, South AustraliaBacke, G.; Abul Khair, H.; King, R.; Holford, S.
2010Structural style of the White Pointer and Hammerhead delta - deepwater fold-thrust belts, Bight Basin, AustraliaMacDonald, J.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Backe, G.
2017Structural evolution of a gravitationally detached normal fault array: analysis of 3D seismic data from the Ceduna Subā€Basin, Great Australian BightRobson, A.; King, R.; Holford, S.
2013Quantifying fault reactivation risk in the western Gippsland basin using geomechanical modellingSwierczek, E.; Zhen-dong, C.; Holford, S.; Backe, G.; King, R.; Mitchell, A.