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2009Development of subaqueous fold belts as a control on the timing and distribution of deepwater sedimentation: an example from the southwest Karoo Basin, South AfricaKing, R.; Hodgson, D.; Flint, S.; Potts, G.; Van Lente, B.; SEPM-GSL Joint Research Conference (27 Mar 2006 - 29 Mar 2006 : London)
2017Present-day stress orientation in the Clarence-Moreton Basin of New South Wales, Australia: a new high density dataset reveals local stress rotationsRajabi, M.; Tingay, M.; King, R.; Heidbach, O.
2008Relationship between structural style, overpressures, and modern stress, Baram Delta Province, northwest BorneoMorley, C.; Tingay, M.; Hillis, R.; King, R.
2009Present-day stress and neotectonic provinces of the Baram Delta and deep-water fold-thrust beltKing, R.; Hillis, R.; Tingay, M.; Morley, C.
2008In situ stresses and natural fractures in the Northern Perth Basin, AustraliaKing, R.; Hillis, R.; Reynolds, S.
2010Present-day stress field of Southeast AsiaTingay, M.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Coblentz, D.; Hall, R.
2015Determination of the tectonic evolution from fractures, faults, and calcite twins on the southwestern margin of the Indochina BlockArboit, F.; Amrouch, K.; Collins, A.; King, R.; Morley, C.
2012Geomechanical modelling of fault reactivation in the Ceduna Sub-basin, Bight Basin, AustraliaMacDonald, J.; Backe, G.; King, R.; Holford, S.; Hillis, R.
2018The influence of a reverse-reactivated normal fault on natural fracture geometries and relative chronologies at Castle Cove, Otway BasinDebenham, N.; King, R.; Holford, S.
2010Present-day stress orientations and tectonic provinces of the NW Borneo collisional marginKing, R.; Tingay, M.; Hillis, R.; Morley, C.; Clark, J.