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2008Numerical Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Gas-Oil Gravity Drainage Process of Enhanced Oil RecoveryJadhawar, P.; Sarma, H.; CIPC / SPE GTS 2008 Joint Conference (2008 : Calgary, Canada)
2007Reservoir-fluid sampling revisited - A practical perspectiveBon, J.; Sarma, H.; Rodrigues, T.; Bon, J.
2007Prediction of CO₂ solubility in oil and the effects on the oil physical propertiesEmera, M.; Sarma, H.
2007Application of fractional flow theory to foams in porous mediaDholkawala, Z.; Sarma, H.; Kam, S.
2003A New Method to Characterize the Size and Shape Dynamics of Asphaltene Deposition Process in CO2 Miscible FloodingFisher, D.; Yazawa, N.; Sarma, H.; Girard, M.; Huang, H.; Turta, A.; SPE International Improved Oil Recovery Conference in Asia Pacific (2003 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2002Screening of Three Light-Oil Reservoirs for Application of Air Injection Process by Acclereating Rate Calorimetric and TG/PDSC TestsSarma, H.; Yazawa, N.; Moore, R.; Mehta, S.; Okazawa, N.; Ferguson, H.; Ursenbach, M.
2003Asphaltene Precipitation During CO2 Injection in Sandstone and Carbonate Cores: An Investigative Analysis Through Labaratory Tests and Compositional SimulationTakahashi, S.; Hayashi, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Yazawa, N.; Sarma, H.; Annual Workshop & Symp. on Collaborative Project on EOR of IEA (Regina, Canada) (07 Sep 2003 : Regina, Canada)
2003Asphaltenes – The bad cholesterol: Can we ignore them in gas injection processes?Sarma, H.
2008A genetic algorithm-based model to predict CO₂-oil physical properties for dead and live oilEmera, M.; Sarma, H.
2006A New Genetic Algorithm (GA) Model Predicts Green-House Gas (GHG) and Reservoir Oil Interaction Parameters More Accurately in Geosequestration Applications.Emera, M.; Sarma, H.; Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (Adelaide, Australia) (11 Sep 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)