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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The £10bn sale of shares in PPP companies: new source of profits for banks and buildersWhitfield, D.
200914 May 1986: Paul Keating's 'banana republic' statement and the end of the 'golden age'Broomhill, R.; Crotty, M.; Roberts, D.
20062006 Budget. Not necessarily plain sailing to the LodgeSpoehr, John Douglas
2014A 'tigress' in the paradise of dissent: Koorona critiques the foundational colonial storyAllen, M.; Tonkin, M.; Treagus, M.; Seys, M.; Crozier De Rosa, S.
2013'A breach of confidence by their greatly beloved principal': A furore at Women's Christian College, Chennai, India, 1940Allen, M.; de Haan, F.; Allen, M.; Purvis, J.; Daskalova, K.
2002A companion to the cityOakley, S.
2008'A fine type of Hindoo' meets 'the Australian type': British Indians in Australia and diverse masculinitiesAllen, M.; Deacon, D.; Russell, P.; Woollacott, A.
1999A Labour Market in CrisisSpoehr, J.
2006A new gender (dis)order? - Neoliberal restructuring in AustraliaBroomhill, R.; Sharp, R.; Laxer, G.; Soron, D.
2012A suddenly desirable demographic?: care leavers in higher educationMichell, D.
2008A tale of two cities: auto plant closures and policy responses in Birmingham and Adelaide (Editorial)Beer, A.; Thomas, H.
2010Abject Relations: Everyday Worlds of AnorexiaWarin, M.
1996Access and equity within vocational education and training for people in rural and remote Australia. A Background Report.Butler, E.; Lawrence, Kate
2013Accommodating population growth in the CBD: changes, opportunities and challenges for multi-level community living in Adelaide, South AustraliaOakley, S.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (7th : 2013 : Freemantle, W.A.)
2022Adaptive capacity: A qualitative study of midlife Australian women's resilience during COVID-19Huppatz, E.; Lunnay, B.; Foley, K.; Miller, E.; Warin, M.; Wilson, C.; Olver, I.; Ward, P.
2015Against the odds: Care leavers at UniversityMichell, D.; Tonkin, C.; Jackson, D.; Michell, D.; Jackson, D.; Tonkin, C.
2006Agenda 21: Bioethics, global warming, and the Muslim worldSaniotis, A.; Nazif, A.
2021Alcohol and flourishing for Australian women in midlife: a qualitative study of negotiating (un)happinessFoley, K.; Warin, M.; Meyer, S.; Miller, E.; Ward, P.
1998All change, still gendered: The Australian Labour Market in the late 1990'sPocock, Barbara A.
1995Altered state governments and vampire economicsBroomhill, R.; Spoehr, J.