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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Beyond carrot sticks and sermons: The practice of education in obesity interventionsWarin, M.J.; Leahy, D.; Fitzpatrick, K.; Wright, J.
2020Applying the techniques of neutralization to the study of cybercrimeBrewer, R.; Fox, S.; Miller, C.; Holt, T.; Bossler, A.
2020Ethnic cleansing: Reversing the effectsLoizides, N.; Stefanovic, D.; Ireland, C.; Lewis, M.; Lopez, A.; Ireland, J.
2021Hospitalisation following residential drug and alcohol treatment for young people with and without a history of criminal convictionWhitten, T.; Cale, J.; Nathan, S.; Bista, S.; Ferry, M.; Williams, M.; Rawstorn, P.; Hayen, A.; Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol & Other Drugs Scientific and Drug Conference (7 Nov 2021 - 10 Nov 2021 : online)
2020South Australian Digital Youth Survey Research Report: Year 2 ResultsSayer, M.; Whitten, T.; Brewer, R.; Cale, J.; Holt, T.; Goldsmith, A.; None
2021Transnational interventions into the intimate: circling around Pandita Ramabai and The Little Wives of IndiaAllen, M.; Boris, E.; Dawson, S.; Molony, B.
2022Exploring Gender Equity Issues Facing Australian Theravadin Bhikkhunīs: A Preliminary Analysis of Early Respondent DataSneddon, R.
2022Doing Anthropology: A Guide By and For Students and Their ProfessorsDennis, S.; Dawson, A.
2022Mentored to Perfection: The Masculine Terms of Success in AcademiaDennis, S.; Behie, A.
2022Developing automated methods to detect and match face and voice biometrics in child sexual abuse videosWestlake, B.; Brewer, R.; Swearingen, T.; Ross, A.; Patterson, S.; Michalski, D.; Hole, M.; Logos, K.; Frank, R.; Bright, D.; Afana, E.