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2019The influence of parental offending on the continuity and discontinuity of children’s internalizing and externalizing difficulties from early to middle childhoodWhitten, T.; Laurens, K.; Tzoumakis, S.; Kaggodaarachchi, S.; Green, M.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.; Dean, K.
2019Parental offending and children’s emergency department presentations in New South Wales, AustraliaWhitten, T.; Green, M.; Laurens, K.; Tzoumakis, S.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.; Dean, K.
2021Incidence of early police contact among children with emerging mental health problems in AustraliaDean, K.; Whitten, T.; Tzoumakis, S.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.; Green, M.J.
2008Plasma cholesterol levels continue to decline despite the rising prevalence of obesity: population trends in Perth, Western Australia, 1980-1999Hobbs, M.; Knuiman, M.; Briffa, T.; Ngo, H.; Jamrozik, K.
2022Early developmental vulnerabilities following exposure to domestic violence and abuse: Findings from an Australian population cohort record linkage studyWhitten, T.; Green, M.J.; Tzoumakis, S.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.; Dean, K.
2023Profiles of resilience from early to middle childhood among children known to Child Protection servicesGreen, M.J.; Piotroswka, P.J.; Tzoumakis, S.; Whitten, T.; Laurens, K.R.; Butler, M.; Katz, I.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.
2023Relationships between parental mental illness and/or offending and offspring contact with the police in childhood: Findings from a longitudinal record-linkage studyAthanassiou, U.; Green, M.J.; Tzoumakis, S.; Whitten, T.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.; Dean, K.
2021Increased incidence of childhood mental disorders following exposure to early life infectionGreen, M.J.; Watkeys, O.J.; Whitten, T.; Thomas, C.; Kariuki, M.; Dean, K.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.
2022Examining social class as it relates to heuristics women use to determine the trustworthiness of information regarding the link between alcohol and breast cancer riskMeyer, S.B.; Lunnay, B.; Warin, M.; Foley, K.; Olver, I.N.; Wilson, C.; Macdonald S, S.; Ward, P.R.; Galli, A.
2022'I have a healthy relationship with alcohol': Australian midlife women, alcohol consumption and social classLunnay, B.; Foley, K.; Meyer, S.B.; Miller, E.R.; Warin, M.; Wilson, C.; Olver, I.N.; Batchelor, S.; Thomas, J.A.; Ward, P.R.