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2012The impact of summer temperatures and heatwaves on mortality and morbidity in Perth, Australia 1994-2008Williams, S.; Nitschke, M.; Weinstein, P.; Pisaniello, D.; Parton, K.; Bi, P.
2013Engaging stakeholders in an adaptation process: governance and institutional arrangements in heat-health policy development in Adelaide, Australia., A.; Bi, P.; Williams, S.; Saniotis, A.; Walker, I.; Augoustinos, M.
2015The effect of meteorological variables on the transmission of hand, foot and mouth disease in four major cities of Shanxi province, China: a time series data analysis (2009-2013)Wei, J.; Hansen, A.; Liu, Q.; Sun, Y.; Weinstein, P.; Bi, P.
2013Awareness of and attitudes towards heat waves within the context of climate change among a cohort of residents in Adelaide, AustraliaAkompab, D.; Bi, P.; Williams, S.; Grant, J.; Walker, I.; Augoustinos, M.
2016Perceptions of capacity for infectious disease control and prevention to meet the challenges of dengue fever in the face of climate change: A survey among CDC staff in Guangdong Province, ChinaTong, M.; Hansen, A.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Xiang, J.; Cameron, S.; Liu, Q.; Liu, X.; Sun, Y.; Weinstein, P.; Han, G.; Williams, C.; Bi, P.
2015How environmental conditions impact mosquito ecology and Japanese encephalitis: An eco-epidemiological approachTian, H.; Bi, P.; Cazelles, B.; Zhou, S.; Huang, S.; Yang, J.; Pei, Y.; Wu, X.; Fu, S.; Tong, S.; Wang, H.; Xu, B.
2007Estimating the population of female sex workers in two Chinese cities based on the HIV/AIDS behavioural surveillance approach combined with a multiplier methodZhang, D.; Lv, F.; Wang, L.; Sun, L.; Zhou, J.; Su, W.; Bi, P.
2005Secular trends in mortality rates for diabetes in Australia, 1907-1998Bi, P.; Parton, K.; Donald, K.
2003Climate variability and transmission of Japanese encephalitis in Eastern ChinaBi, P.; Tong, S.; Donald, K.; Parton, K.; Ni, J.
2004Co-existing conditions for deaths from infectious and parasitic diseases in AustraliaBi, P.; Parton, K.; Whitby, M.