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2002Developing a reliable audit instrument to measure the physical environment for physical activityPikora, Terri J.; Bull, Fiona C.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Knuiman, M.; Giles-Corti, Wilma; Donovan, Robert J.
2002Long-term disability after first-ever stroke and related prognostic factors in the Perth Community Stroke Study, 1989-1990Hankey, Graeme J.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Broadhurst, Robyn J.; Forbes, Susanne; Anderson, Craig S.
2002Epidural anaesthesia and analgesia and outcome of major surgery: A randomised trialRigg, John A.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Myles, Paul S.; Silbert, Brendan S.; Peyton, Phillip J.; Parsons, Richard W.; Collins, Karen S.
2002Mortality and recurrent cardiac events after coronary artery bypass graft: Long term outcomes in a population studyBradshaw, Pamela J.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Le, Max T. Q.; Gilfillan, Ian S.; Thompson, Peter Lindsay
2004ABC of smoking cessation: Population strategies to prevent smokingJamrozik, Konrad
2004Policy priorities for tobacco controlJamrozik, Konrad
2002Hard lessons from a randomised controlled trialJamrozik, Konrad
2004The UK smoking time-warp: Roll on 1989!Jamrozik, Konrad; Weller, David P.; Heller, Richard F.
2001Prior calcium channel blockade and short-term survival following acute myocardial infarctionParsons, R. W.; Hung, J.; Hanemaaijer, I.; Broadhurst, Robyn J.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Hobbs, M.
2001Does the Mediterranean paradox extend to abdominal aortic aneurysm?Jamrozik, Konrad; Spencer, C. A.; Lawrence-Brown, Michael M. D.; Norman, Paul E.