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2001Trends in cigarette smoking in 36 populations from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s: Findings from the WHO MONICA ProjectMolarius, A.; Parsons, R. W.; Dobson, Annette J.; Evans, Alun E.; Fortmann, S. P.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Kuulasmaa, K.; Moltchanov, V.; Sans, S.; Tuomilehto, J.; Puska, P.
2009Adult height and the risks of cardiovascular disease and major causes of death in the Asia-Pacific region: 21 000 deaths in 510 000 men and womenJamrozik, Konrad
2004Of sausages and salamiJamrozik, Konrad
2009Smoking and the risk of upper aero digestive tract cancers for men and women in the Asia-Pacific regionAnsary-Moghaddam, Alireza; Martiniuk, Alexandra L. C.; Lam, Tai Hing; Jamrozik, Konrad; Tamakoshi, Akiko; Fang, Xianghua; Suh, Il; Barzi, Federica; Huxley, Rachel R.; Woodward, Mark
2009Childhood sexual abuse and cannabis use in early adulthood: Findings from an Australian birth cohort studyHayatbakhsh, Mohammad R.; Najman, Jake M.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Mamun, Abdullah A.; O'Callaghan, Michael J.; Williams, Gemma Maria
2005Pathology reporting of breast cancer: Trends in 1989-1999 following the introduction of mammographic screening in Western AustraliaHarvey, J. M.; Sterrett, G.; McEvoy, S.; Fritschi, Lin; Jamrozik, Konrad; Ingram, D. M.; Joseph, David; Dewar, Joanna M.; Byrne, Melissa J.
2010Association between serum lipoproteins and abdominal aortic aneurysmGolledge, Jonathan; van Bockxmeer, Frank M.; Jamrozik, Konrad; McCann, Moira; Norman, Paul E.
2003The quality of epidural anesthesia is crucial in the assessment of perioperative outcome: ResponsePeyton, Philip J.; Myles, Paul S.; Rigg, John A.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Silbert, Brendan S.; Parsons, Richard; Collins, Karen
2004Is there really a power shortage in clinical trials testing the "homocysteine hypothesis?".Hankey, Graeme J.; Eikelboom, J. W.; Loh, K.; Yi, Q.; Pizzi, J.; Tang, M.; Hickling, S.; Le, M.; Klijn, C. J. M.; Dusitanond, P.; van Bockxmeer, Frank M.; Gelavis, A.; Baker, R.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2003The MASTER trial has successfully addressed requirements of protocols for large trialsPeyton, Phillip J.; Rigg, John A.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Myles, Paul S.; Silbert, Brendan S.; Parsons, Richard