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2004Jeopardising a Hippocratic traditionWeller, David P; Heller, Richard F.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2004The energy of slavesJamrozik, Konrad; Weller, David P.; Heller, Richard F.
2002A randomized trial of sodium fluoride (60 mg) ± estrogen in postmenopausal osteoporotic vertebral fractures: increased vertebral fractures and peripheral bone loss with sodium fluoride; concurrent estrogen prevents peripheral loss, but not vertebral fracturesGutteridge, D. H.; Stewart, G. O.; Prince, Richard L.; Price, R. I.; Retallack, R. W.; Dhaliwal, S. S.; Stuckey, Bronwyn G. A.; Drury, P.; Jones, C. E.; Faulkner, D. L.; Kent, G. N.; Bhagat, C. I.; Nicholson, Geoffrey C.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2001Initial results of ultrasound screening for aneurysm of the abdominal aorta in Western Australia: relevance for endoluminal treatment of aneurysm diseaseLawrence-Brown, Michael M. D.; Norman, Paul E.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Semmens, James Bernard; Donnelly, Neil J.; Spencer, Carole; Tuohy, Raywin J.
2001Evaluation of the value of 2 methods for measuring levels of allergen specific IgE antibodies in serum--Phadebas RAST I immuno CAP SystemJamrozik, Konrad
2002Is bupropion (Zyban) causing deaths?Chapman, Simon C.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2011Function after spinal treatment, exercise, and rehabilitation: Cost-effectiveness analysis based on a randomized controlled trialMorris, Stephen; Morris, Tim P.; McGregor, Alison H.; Dore, Caroline J.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2009Healthy lifestyles and cardiovascular risk profiles in young Australian adults: the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health StudyGall, Seana L.; Jamrozik, Konrad; Blizzard, Leigh; Dwyer, Terence; Venn, Alison J.
2005The woefully wired world of health service computingJamrozik, Konrad; Heller, Richard F.; Weller, David P.
2004Medical care and public healthJamrozik, Konrad; Hobbs, M.