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2015Predicting unprecedented dengue outbreak using imported cases and climatic factors in Guangzhou, 2014Sang, S.; Gu, S.; Bi, P.; Yang, W.; Yang, Z.; Xu, L.; Yang, J.; Liu, X.; Jiang, T.; Wu, H.; Chu, C.; Liu, Q.
2015Heat waves and morbidity: current knowledge and further direction-a comprehensive literature reviewLi, M.; Gu, S.; Bi, P.; Yang, J.; Liu, Q.
2012Prevalence of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in mainland China: Analysis of National Surveillance Data, 2004-2009Liu, X.; Jiang, B.; Bi, P.; Yang, W.; Liu, Q.
2014Spatiotemporal transmission dynamics of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in China, 2005–2012Zhang, W.; Wang, L.; Liu, Y.; Yin, W.; Hu, W.; Magalhaes, R.; Ding, F.; Sun, H.; Zhou, H.; Li, S.; Haque, U.; Tong, S.; Glass, G.; Bi, P.; Clements, A.; Liu, Q.; Li, C.
2014The impact of climate change on infectious disease transmission: perceptions of CDC health professionals in Shanxi Province, ChinaWei, J.; Hansen, A.; Zhang, Y.; Li, H.; Liu, Q.; Sun, Y.; Xue, S.; Zhao, S.; Bi, P.
2014The effects of summer temperature and heat waves on heat-related illness in a coastal city of China, 2011-2013Bai, L.; Ding, G.; Gu, S.; Bi, P.; Su, B.; Qin, D.; Xu, G.; Liu, Q.
2014Predicting local dengue transmission in Guangzhou, China, through the influence of imported cases, mosquito density and climate variabilitySang, S.; Yin, W.; Bi, P.; Zhang, H.; Wang, C.; Liu, X.; Chen, B.; Yang, W.; Liu, Q.
2014The role of environmental factors in the spatial distribution of Japanese encephalitis in mainland ChinaWang, L.; Hu, W.; Soares Magalhaes, R.; Bi, P.; Ding, F.; Sun, H.; Li, S.; Yin, W.; Wei, L.; Liu, Q.; Haque, U.; Sun, Y.; Huang, L.; Tong, S.; Clements, A.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.
2017Perceptions of malaria control and prevention in an era of climate change: a cross-sectional survey among CDC staff in ChinaTong, X.; Hansen, A.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Cameron, S.; Xiang, J.; Liu, Q.; Liu, X.; Sun, Y.; Weinstein, P.; Han, G.; Williams, C.; Bi, P.
2015The effect of meteorological variables on the transmission of hand, foot and mouth disease in four major cities of Shanxi province, China: a time series data analysis (2009-2013)Wei, J.; Hansen, A.; Liu, Q.; Sun, Y.; Weinstein, P.; Bi, P.