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2015Changes in rodent abundance and weather conditions potentially drive hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome outbreaks in Xi’an, China, 2005–2012Tian, H.; Yu, P.; Luis, A.; Bi, P.; Cazelles, B.; Laine, M.; Huang, S.; Ma, C.; Zhou, S.; Wei, J.; Li, S.; Lu, X.; Qu, J.; Dong, J.; Tong, S.; Wang, J.; Grenfell, B.; Xu, B.
2014Spatiotemporal transmission dynamics of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in China, 2005–2012Zhang, W.; Wang, L.; Liu, Y.; Yin, W.; Hu, W.; Magalhaes, R.; Ding, F.; Sun, H.; Zhou, H.; Li, S.; Haque, U.; Tong, S.; Glass, G.; Bi, P.; Clements, A.; Liu, Q.; Li, C.
2014The role of environmental factors in the spatial distribution of Japanese encephalitis in mainland ChinaWang, L.; Hu, W.; Soares Magalhaes, R.; Bi, P.; Ding, F.; Sun, H.; Li, S.; Yin, W.; Wei, L.; Liu, Q.; Haque, U.; Sun, Y.; Huang, L.; Tong, S.; Clements, A.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.
2015How environmental conditions impact mosquito ecology and Japanese encephalitis: An eco-epidemiological approachTian, H.; Bi, P.; Cazelles, B.; Zhou, S.; Huang, S.; Yang, J.; Pei, Y.; Wu, X.; Fu, S.; Tong, S.; Wang, H.; Xu, B.
2003Climate variability and transmission of Japanese encephalitis in Eastern ChinaBi, P.; Tong, S.; Donald, K.; Parton, K.; Ni, J.
2005El Nino-Southern oscillation and vector-borne diseases in Anhui, ChinaBi, P.; Parton, K.; Tong, S.
2010Climate variability and Hemorrhagic Fever with renal syndrome transmission in Northeastern ChinaZhang, W.; Guo, W.; Fang, L.; Li, C.; Bi, P.; Glass, G.; Jiang, J.; Sun, S.; Qian, Q.; Liu, W.; Yan, L.; Yang, H.; Tong, S.; Cao, W.
2003Climatic variables and transmission of malaria: a 12-year data analysis in Shuchen County, ChinaBi, P.; Tong, S.; Donald, K.; Parton, K.; Ni, J.
2007Time-series analysis of the risk factors for haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome: comparison of statistical modelsHu, W.; Mengersen, K.; Bi, P.; Tong, S.
2002Climate variability and Ross River virus transmissionTong, S.; Bi, P.; Donald, K.; McMichael, A.