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2020Assessing the effect of climate factors on childhood diarrhoea burden in Kathmandu, NepalBhandari, D.; Bi, P.; Sherchand, J.B.; Dhimal, M.; Hanson-Easey, S.
2020A trial protocol for the effectiveness of digital interventions for preventing depression in adolescents: the Future Proofing StudyWerner-Seidler, A.; Huckvale, K.; Larsen, M.; Calear, A.; Maston, K.; Johnston, L.; Torok, M.; O'Dea, B.; Batterham, P.; Schweizer, S.; Skinner, S.; Steinbeck, K.; Ratcliffe, J.; Oei, J.; Patton, G.; Wong, I.; Beames, J.; Wong, Q.; Lingam, R.; Boydell, K.; et al.
2020Naturally-diverse airborne environmental microbial exposures modulate the gut microbiome and may provide anxiolytic benefits in miceLiddicoat, C.; Sydnor, H.; Cando-Dumancela, C.; Dresken, R.; Liu, J.; Gellie, N.; Mills, J.; Young, J.; Weyrich, L.; Hutchinson, M.; Weinstein, P.; Breed, M.
2020An early investigation of individual budget expenditures in the era of consumer-directed careBulamu, N.; Kaambwa, B.; Gill, L.; Cameron, I.; Ratcliffe, J.
2020Barriers to the implementation of clinical guidelines for maternal alcohol consumption in antenatal services: a survey using the theoretical domains frameworkDoherty, E.; Kingsland, M.; Wiggers, J.; Anderson, A.E.; Elliott, E.J.; Symonds, I.; Tully, B.; Dray, J.; Wolfenden, L.
2020NAD⁺ repletion rescues female fertility during reproductive agingBertoldo, M.; Listijono, D.; Ho, W.; Riepsamen, A.; Goss, D.; Richani, D.; Jin, X.; Mahbub, S.; Campbell, J.; Habibalahi, A.; Loh, W.; Youngson, N.; Maniam, J.; Wong, A.; Selesniemi, K.; Bustamante, S.; Li, C.; Zhao, Y.; Marinova, M.; Kim, L.; et al.
2020A dimensional approach to the mental health of siblings of children with mental health problems: a 20-year systematic reviewMa, N.; Roberts, R.; Winefield, H.; Furber, G.
2020How many words are Australian children hearing in the first year of life?Brushe, M.E.; Lynch, J.; Reilly, S.; Melhuish, E.; Brinkman, S.
2020Adjusting for treatment switching in oncology trials: a systematic review and rRecommendations for reportingSullivan, T.; Latimer, N.; Gray, J.; Sorich, M.; Salter, A.; Karnon, J.
2020Costs and economic evaluations of Quality Improvement Collaboratives in healthcare: a systematic reviewde la Perrelle, L.; Radisic, G.; Cations, M.; Kaambwa, B.; Barbery, G.; Laver, K.
2020Using a qualitative phenomenological approach to inform the etiology and prevention of occupational heat-related injuries in AustraliaHansen, A.L.; Williams, S.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Varghese, B.M.; Bi, P.; Heyworth, J.; Nitschke, M.; Rowett, S.; Sim, M.R.; Pisaniello, D.L.
2020Methods for accounting for neighbourhood self-selection in physical activity and dietary behaviour research: a systematic reviewLamb, K.; Thornton, L.; King, T.; Ball, K.; White, S.; Bentley, R.; Coffee, N.; Daniel, M.
2020Measuring stress in Australia: validation of the perceived stress scale (PSS-14) in a national sampleRibeiro Santiago, P.H.; Nielsen, T.; Smithers, L.G.; Roberts, R.; Jamieson, L.
2020Potentially preventable hospitalisations in children: a comparison of definitionsProcter, A.M.; Pilkington, R.M.; Lynch, J.W.; Smithers, L.G.; Chittleborough, C.R.
2020What can musicians' claims data reveal about their musculoskeletal conditions?Stanhope, J.; Weinstein, P.; Pisaniello, D.
2020Empirical investigation of ranking vs best-worst scaling generated preferences for attributes of quality of life: one and the same or differentiable?Ratcliffe, J.; Kaambwa, B.; Hutchinson, C.; Lancsar, E.
2020Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, Jjuice, artificially-sweetened soda and bottled water: an Australian population studyMiller, C.; Ettridge, K.; Wakefield, M.; Pettigrew, S.; Coveney, J.; Roder, D.; Durkin, S.; Wittert, G.; Martin, J.; Dono, J.
2020What makes a beverage healthy? A qualitative study of young adults’ conceptualisation of sugar-containing beverage healthfulnessBrownbill, A.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Miller, C.
2020Assessing the quality of health research from an Indigenous perspective: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander quality appraisal toolHarfield, S.; Pearson, O.; Morey, K.; Kite, E.; Canuto, K.; Glover, K.; Gomersall, J.; Carter, D.; Davy, C.; Aromataris, E.; Braunack-Mayer, A.
2020"When we were young, it really was a treat; now sugar is just the norm every day" - A qualitative study of parents' and young adults' perceptions and consumption of sugary drinksMiller, C.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Wakefield, M.; Roder, D.; O'Dea, K.; Dono, J.; Ettridge, K.