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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A Social Health Atlas of South Australia (3rd edn.)Glover, J.; Hetzel, D.; Glover, L.; McDonald, S.; Hutchison, A.
2005The social health atlas: A policy tool to describe and monitor social inequality and inequality in AustraliaGlover, J.; McDonald, S.; Woollacott, A.
2003A social health atlas of young South Australians (2nd edn.)McDonald, S.; Hetzel, D.; Glover, J.
2013Thirty years of New Zealand smoking advances a case for cultural epidemiology and cultural geographyGlover, J.; Dixon, J.; Banwell, C.; McDonald, S.; Freeman, M.
2004Inequality in South Australia: Key determinants of wellbeing, Volume 1: The EvidenceHetzel, D.; Hutchison, A.; Glover, J.; McDonald, S.
2017Living systematic reviews: 2. Combining human and machine effortThomas, J.; Noel-Storr, A.; Marshall, I.; Wallace, B.; McDonald, S.; Mavergames, C.; Glasziou, P.; Shemilt, I.; Synnot, A.; Turner, T.; Elliott, J.; Agoritsas, T.; Hilton, J.; Perron, C.; Akl, E.; Hodder, R.; Pestridge, C.; Albrecht, L.; Horsley, T.; Platt, J.; et al.
2009The cost-effectiveness of increasing kidney transplantation and home-based dialysisHoward, K.; Salkeld, G.; White, S.; McDonald, S.; Chadban, S.; Craig, J.; Cass, A.
2009Associations of dialysis modality and infectious mortality in incident dialysis patients in Australia and New ZealandJohnson, D.; Dent, H.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Rosman, J.; Brown, F.; Bannister, K.; Wiggins, K.
2011Secular trends in cardiovascular mortality rates of patients receiving dialysis compared with the general populationRoberts, M.; Polkinghorne, K.; McDonald, S.; Ierino, F.
2011End-stage kidney disease due to scleroderma - outcomes in 127 consecutive ANZDATA registry casesSiva, B.; McDonald, S.; Hawley, C.; Rosman, J.; Brown, F.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Campbell, S.; Johnson, D.