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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Principles of cccupational health and hygiene: an introductionReed, S.; Pisaniello, D.; Benke, G.; Burton, K.
2018Empirical data in support of a skin notation for methyl chlorideGaskin, S.; Thredgold, L.; Heath, L.; Pisaniello, D.; Logan, M.; Baxter, C.
2012Health risk assessment and vapour intrusion - Preliminary validation of dwelling characteristics for an Australian non-steady-state vapour intrusion model following surface soil application with xyleneTurczynowicz, L.; Pisaniello, D.; Williamson, T.; Robinson, N.; 10th International Conference on Healthy Buildings 2012 (08 Jul 2012 - 12 Jul 2012 : Brisbane, Australia)
2010Measurement of fine and ultrafine dusts exposure in an iron foundry in South AustraliaLiu, X.; Lee, S.; Pisaniello, D.; Jankewicz, G.; Sanderson, B.
2015An evaluation of antifungal agents for the treatment of fungal contamination in indoor air environmentsRogawansamy, S.; Gaskin, S.; Taylor, M.; Pisaniello, D.
2017Potential health outcome and vulnerability indicators of climate change for Australia: evidence for policy developmentNavi, M.; Pisaniello, D.; Hansen, A.; Nitschke, M.
2016Working smart: an exploration of council workers' experiences and perceptions of heat in Adelaide, South AustraliaLao, J.; Hansen, A.; Nitschke, M.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Pisaniello, D.
2017Developing health-related indicators of climate change: Australian stakeholder perspectivesNavi, M.; Hansen, A.; Nitschke, M.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Pisaniello, D.
2018A multi-stakeholder perspective on the integration of safety in university nursing, education, and engineering curriculaRothmore, P.; Saniotis, A.; Pisaniello, D.
2004Randomized controlled trial of unflued gas heater replacement on respiratory health of ashmatic schoolchildrenPilotto, L.; Nitschke, M.; Smith, B.; Pisaniello, D.; Ruffin, R.; McElroy, H.; Martin, A.; Hiller, J.