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2019The effects of ambient temperatures on the risk of work-related injuries and illnesses: evidence from Adelaide, Australia 2003–2013Varghese, B.; Barnett, A.; Hansen, A.; Bi, P.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Heyworth, J.; Sim, M.; Pisaniello, D.
2011Perceptions of heat-susceptibility in older persons : barriers to adaptationHansen, A.; Bi, P.; Nitschke, M.; Pisaniello, D.; Newbury, J.; Kitson, A.
2014Association between high temperature and work-related injuries in Adelaide, South Australia, 2001-2010Xiang, J.; Bi, P.; Pisaniello, D.; Hansen, A.; Sullivan, T.
2018What can we learn about workplace heat stress management from a safety regulator complaints database?Hansen, A.; Pisaniello, D.; Varghese, B.; Rowett, S.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Bi, P.; Nitschke, M.
2017Heat adaptation and place: experiences in South Australian rural communitiesWilliams, S.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Robinson, G.; Pisaniello, D.; Newbury, J.; Saniotis, A.; Bi, P.
2018Are workers at risk of occupational injuries due to heat exposure? A comprehensive literature reviewVarghese, B.; Hansen, A.; Bi, P.; Pisaniello, D.
2010A survey of musculoskeletal pain / discomfort and organisational factors in South Australian workplacesDoda, D.; Pisaniello, D.; Rothmore, P.; Mahmood, M.; Hiller, J.; Winefield, H.; Boucaut, R.; Stewart, S.; Conference of the New Zealand Ergonomics Society (16th : 2010 : Nelson, New Zealand)
2004Ambient air concentrations of lung carcinogens and fine particles in north west suburban Adelaide: Implications for public healthPisaniello, D.; Whitrow, M.; Smith, B.; Pilotto, L.
2005A study of associations between cigarette smoking, nearby industry and high lung cancer mortality in North West AdelaideSmith, B.; Whitrow, M.; Pilotto, L.; Pisaniello, D.; Esterman, A.; Selim, P.
2019What do we know about the healthcare costs of extreme heat exposure? A comprehensive literature reviewWondmagegn, B.; Xiang, J.; Williams, S.; Pisaniello, D.; Bi, P.