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2004Randomized controlled trial of unflued gas heater replacement on respiratory health of ashmatic schoolchildrenPilotto, L.; Nitschke, M.; Smith, B.; Pisaniello, D.; Ruffin, R.; McElroy, H.; Martin, A.; Hiller, J.
2002Balancing breastfeeding and paid employment: a project targeting employers, women and workplacesMcIntyre, E.; Pisaniello, D.; Gun, R.; Sanders, C.; Frith, D.
2004Photometry in the workplace: The rationale for a new methodPiccoli, B.; Soci, G.; Zambelli, P.; Pisaniello, D.
2008The effect of heat waves on mental health in a temperate Australian cityHansen, A.; Bi, P.; Nitschke, M.; Ryan, P.; Pisaniello, D.; Tucker, G.
2008The effect of heat waves on hospital admissions for renal disease in a temperate city of AustraliaHansen, A.; Bi, P.; Ryan, P.; Nitschke, M.; Pisaniello, D.; Tucker, G.
2004Ambient air concentrations of lung carcinogens and fine particles in north west suburban Adelaide: Implications for public healthPisaniello, D.; Whitrow, M.; Smith, B.; Pilotto, L.
2005A study of associations between cigarette smoking, nearby industry and high lung cancer mortality in North West AdelaideSmith, B.; Whitrow, M.; Pilotto, L.; Pisaniello, D.; Esterman, A.; Selim, P.
2007A survey of the OHS experiences and perceptions of Australian university studentsAumann, H.; Pisaniello, D.; Lee, S.; Sibly, J.
2009Measurement of fine and ultrafine dusts exposure in an iron foundry in South AustraliaLiu, X.; Lee, S.; Pisaniello, D.; Jankewicz, G.; Sanderson, B.; Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (27th : 2009 : Canberra, Australia)
2007Sources of informationPisaniello, D.