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2019Early developmental risk for subsequent childhood mental disorders in an Australian population cohortGreen, M.; Tzoumakis, S.; Laurens, K.; Dean, K.; Kariuki, M.; Harris, F.; Brinkman, S.; Carr, V.
2019Using post-market utilisation analysis to support medicines pricing policy: an Australian case study of aflibercept and ranibizumab useKemp-Casey, A.; Pratt, N.; Ramsay, E.; Roughead, E.
2019Re-framing the Indigenous kidney health workforceHughes, J.; Lowah, G.; Kelly, J.
2019Multi-centre ethics and research governance review can impede non-interventional clinical researchDuplancic, C.; Crough, T.; Bell, S.; Thomson, R.; Wainwright, C.; Clements, A.; Floto, A.; Rogers, G.; Sly, P.; Burr, L.; Feather, I.; Moloney, S.; Grimwood, K.; Bye, P.; Belessis, Y.; Selvadurai, H.; Schultz, A.; Mulrennan, S.; Stock, D.; Beggs, S.; et al.
2019Bullying and sexual abuse and their association with harmful behaviours, antidepressant use and health-related quality of life in adulthood: a population-based study in South AustraliaGonzález-Chica, D.; Licinio, J.; Musker, M.; Wong, M.; Bowden, J.; Hay, P.; Chittleborough, C.; Stocks, N.
2019Clusters of health behaviours in Queensland adults are associated with different socio-demographic characteristicsHobbs, M.; Duncan, M.; Collins, P.; Mckenna, J.; Schoeppe, S.; Rebar, A.; Alley, S.; Short, C.; Vandelanotte, C.
2019The effectiveness of an app-based nurse-moderated program for new mothers with depression and parenting problems (eMums Plus): pragmatic randomized controlled trialSawyer, A.; Kaim, A.; Le, H.; McDonald, D.; Mittinty, M.; Lynch, J.; Sawyer, M.
2019Local housing characteristics associated with early childhood development outcomes in Australian disadvantaged communitiesVillanueva, K.; Badland, H.; Tanton, R.; Katz, I.; Brinkman, S.; Lee, J.-.L.; Woolcock, G.; Giles-Corti, B.; Goldfeld, S.
2019Association of HIV preexposure prophylaxis with incidence of sexually transmitted infections among individuals at high risk of HIV infectionTraeger, M.W.; Cornelisse, V.J.; Asselin, J.; Price, B.; Roth, N.J.; Willcox, J.; Tee, B.K.; Fairley, C.K.; Chang, C.C.; Armishaw, J.; Vujovic, O.; Penn, M.; Cundill, P.; Forgan-Smith, G.; Gall, J.; Pickett, C.; Lal, L.; Mak, A.; Spelman, T.D.; Long, N.; et al.
2019Case fatality rates of invasive meningococcal disease by serogroup and age: a systematic review and meta-analysisWang, B.; Santoreneos, R.; Giles, L.; Haji Ali Afzali, H.; Marshall, H.
2019The controlled direct effect of temperament at 2-3 years on cognitive and academic outcomes at 6-7 yearsChong, S.; Chittleborough, C.; Gregory, T.; Lynch, J.; Mittinty, M.; Smithers, L.
2019Cost savings with a novel algorithm for early detection of systemic sclerosis-related pulmonary arterial hypertension: alternative scenario analysesQuinlivan, A.; Proudman, S.; Sahhar, J.; Stevens, W.; Nikpour, M.; Major, G.; Ngian, G.; Roddy, J.; Strickland, G.; Walker, J.; Youseff, P.
2019Analysis of the alcohol drinking behavior and influencing factors among emerging adults and young adults: a cross-sectional study in Wuhan, ChinaLu, W.; Xu, J.; Taylor, A.; Bewick, B.; Fu, Z.; Wu, N.; Qian, L.; Yin, P.
2019Community trial of silver fluoride treatment for deciduous dentition caries in remote Indigenous communitiesRoberts-Thomson, K.; Ha, D.; Wooley, S.; Meihubers, S.; Do, L.
2019Higher levels of greenness and biodiversity are associated with greater subjective wellbeing in adults living in Melbourne, AustraliaMavoa, S.; Davern, M.; Breed, M.; Hahs, A.
2019Effectiveness of an Ambient Intelligent Geriatric Management system (AmbIGeM) to prevent falls in older people in hospitals: protocol for the AmbIGeM stepped wedge pragmatic trialVisvanathan, R.; Ranasinghe, D.; Wilson, A.; Lange, K.; Dollard, J.; Boyle, E.; Karnon, J.; Raygan, E.; Maher, S.; Ingram, K.; Pazhvoor, S.; Hoskins, S.; Hill, K.
2019Early-life exposure to sibling modifies the relationship between CD14 polymorphisms and allergic sensitizationLau, M.; Dharmage, S.; Burgess, J.; Win, A.; Lowe, A.; Lodge, C.; Perret, J.; Hui, J.; Thomas, P.; Giles, G.; Thompson, B.; Abramson, M.; Walters, E.; Matheson, M.; Allen, K.; Benke, G.; Dowty, J.; Erbas, B.; Feather, I.; Frith, P.; et al.
2019The ‘double precarity’ of employment insecurity and unaffordable housing and its impact on mental healthBentley, R.; Baker, E.; Aitken, Z.
2019Malnutrition screening and assessment in hospitalised older people: a reviewDent, E.; Hoogendijk, E.; Visvanathan, R.; Wright, O.
2019Disparities in breast screening, stage at diagnosis, cancer treatment and the subsequent risk of cancer death: a retrospective, matched cohort of aboriginal and non-aboriginal women with breast cancerBanham, D.; Roder, D.; Keefe, D.; Farshid, G.; Eckert, M.; Howard, N.; Canuto, K.; Brown, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2759