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2020On/off porosity switching and post-assembly modifications of Cu₄L₄ metal–organic polyhedraBloch, W.M.; Babarao, R.; Schneider, M.L.
2020A highly water-stable meta-carborane-based copper metal-organic framework for efficient high-temperature butanol separationGan, L.; Chidambaram, A.; Fonquernie, P.G.; Light, M.E.; Choquesillo-Lazarte, D.; Huang, H.; Solano, E.; Fraile, J.; Viñas, C.; Teixidor, F.; Navarro, J.A.R.; Stylianou, K.C.; Planas, J.G.
2020Phase dependent encapsulation and release profile of ZIF-based biocompositesCarraro, F.; Velásquez-Hernández, M.D.J.; Astria, E.; Liang, W.; Twight, L.; Parise, C.; Ge, M.; Huang, Z.; Ricco, R.; Zou, X.; Villanova, L.; Kappe, C.O.; Doonan, C.; Falcaro, P.
2020Phosphorus vacancies boost electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution by two orders of magnitudeDuan, J.; Chen, S.; Ortíz-Ledón, C.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2020Solution chemistry of copper(II) binding to substituted 8-HydroxyquinolinesSummers, K.L.; Pushie, M.J.; Sopasis, G.; James, A.K.; Dolgova, N.V.; Sokaras, D.; Kroll, T.; Harris, H.; Pickering, I.J.; George, G.N.
2021Elucidating pore chemistry within metal–organic frameworks via single crystal X-ray diffraction; from fundamental understanding to applicationAlbalad, J.; Sumby, C.J.; Maspoch, D.; Doonan, C.J.
2020Continuous-flow synthesis of ZIF-8 biocomposites with tunable particle sizeCarraro, F.; Williams, J.D.; Linares-Moreau, M.; Parise, C.; Liang, W.; Amenitsch, H.; Doonan, C.; Kappe, C.O.; Falcaro, P.
2020Total synthesis of rhodonoids A B, E, and F, enabled by singlet oxygen ene reactionsBurchill, L.; George, J.H.
2020Structural insights into the role of the acid-alcohol pair of residues required for dioxygen activation in cytochrome P450 enzymesColeman, T.; Stok, J.E.; Podgorski, M.N.; Bruning, J.B.; De Voss, J.J.; Bell, S.G.
2020Targeting PCNA with peptide mimetics for therapeutic purposesHorsfall, A.J.; Abell, A.D.; Bruning, J.