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2008An unusual Cu2Ru2 cluster containing a tetrameric phenylethynyl ligandBruce, M.; Zaitseva, N.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2001Unusual reactions of ruthenium-polycyanocarbon complexes: formation of an h²-CNR ligand and cleavage of C(sp²)-CN bondsBruce, M.; Skelton, B.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
1999An unusual intramolecular metallalactone formation from coordinated alkoxide and CO: molecular structure of Au3Ru3{m3-h1:h1:h1,h2-CCHCPh-2OC(O)}(CO)8(PPh3)3Bruce, M.; Skelton, B.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
1996Pyrolysis of Ru3(m-dppm)(CO)9(PPh3): formation of novel Ru4 and Ru3 clustersBruce, M.; Zaitseva, N.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2008Some alkynyl-ruthenium complexes containing di-imine and tertiary phosphine ligandsBruce, M.; Hall, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2011Syntheses and structural studies of several diynyl-ruthenium complexes and their adducts with cyano-alkenesBruce, M.; Burgun, A.; Grelaud, G.; Jevric, M.; Nicholson, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.; Zaitseva, N.
1996Reactions of Ru5(μ5-C2PPh2)(μ-PPh2)(CO)13 with functional phosphines. X-ray structures of Ru5(μ5-C2PPh2)(μ-PPh2)(dppm)(CO)12•CHCl3Ru5(μ5-C2H)(μ-PPh2)2(μ-P,N-PPh2H4NH-2)(μ-CO)(CO)10, Ru4{μ4-C4PPh2[Ru(μ-OH)(C,P-2-CHMeC6PPh2-2) (CO)2]}(μ-PPh2)(CO)10•CHCl3 and Ru4(μ-H)2{μ5-PPh2C2CHC)C6H4PPh2-2)}(μ-PPh2)(CO)11Adams, C.; Bruce, M.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2004Synthesis, structures and some reactions of Ru(CΞCCΞCFc)(PP)Cp (PP = dppm, dppe) and related compoundsBruce, M.; de Montigny, F.; Jevric, M.; Lapinte, C.; Skelton, B.; Smith, M.; White, A.
2012Reactions of Ru(C≡CPh)(PPh₃)₂Cp with silver(I): molecular structure of [Ag{η²-PhC₂[Ru(PPh₃)₂Cp]}₂]PF₆ and synthesis of a bis(vinylidene) complexBruce, M.; Zaitseva, N.; Skelton, B.
2013Reactions of polycyano-alkenes with alkynyl- and poly-ynyl-Group 8 metal complexesBruce, M.