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2002Preparation of buta-1,3-diynyl complexes of platinum(II) and their use in the construction of neutral molecular squares: synthesis, structural and theoretical characterisation of cyclo-{Pt(μ-C≡CC≡C)(dppe)}₄ and related chemistryBruce, M.; Costuas, K.; Halet, J.; Hall, B.; Low, P.; Nicholson, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2008Syntheses and molecular structures of some compounds containing many-atom chains end-capped by tricobalt carbonyl clustersBruce, M.; Zaitseva, N.; Nicholson, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2009Two complexes containing 19-atom chains linking metal centresBruce, M.; Nicholson, B.; Zaitseva, N.
2008Regioselective control of the nickel-mediated coupling of acetylene and carbon dioxide - A DFT studyGraham, D.; Bruce, M.; Metha, G.; Bowie, J.; Buntine, M.
2004Diethyl trans-1,2-dicyanoethene-1,2-dicarboxylate at ca 150 KBruce, M.; Kramarczuk, K.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2018Structural systematics of some trinuclear alkynyl and diynyl Group 11 complexes containing dppm [dppm = CH₂(PPh₂)₂]Bruce, M.; Halet, J.-.F.; Le Guennic, B.; Skelton, B.; Sobolev, A.; Sumby, C.; White, A.
2011Structural studies of several Ru₃ and Ru₄ carbonyl clustersBruce, M.; Humphrey, P.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2018Tetraiodoallene, I₂C=C=CI₂ - the missing link between I₂C=CI₂ and I₂C=C=C=CI₂ - and the oxidation product, 2,2-diiodoacrylicacid, I₂C=CH(CO₂H)Bruce, M.; Head, N.; Skelton, B.; Spackman, M.; White, A.
2005Further reactions of some bis(vinylidene)diruthenium complexesBruce, M.; Ellis, B.; Skelton, B.; White, A.
2006Gas-phase synthesis and reactivity of binuclear gold hydride cations, (R3PAu)(2)H+ (R = Me and Ph)Khairallah, G.; O'Hair, R.; Bruce, M.