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1984A high-yielding enantiospecific synthesis of (-)-7-deoxydaunomycinoneRussell, R.A.; Krauss, A.S.; Warrener, R.N.; Irvine, R.W.
1983An economical and versatile synthesis of 5,8-dialkoxy-2-acetyl-3,4-dihydronaphthalenes: key precursors for the synthesis of chiral anthracyclinesRussell, R.A.; Collin, G.J.; Gee, P.S.; Warrener, R.N.
1984A new diene permitting evaluation of facial selectivity in Diels-Alder additions and preparation of a norbornadienoneWarrener, R.; Russell, R.; Pitt, I.
1984The generation and trapping of a novel Dewar furanPitt, I.G.; Russell, R.A.; Warrener, R.N.
1982A photobisdecarbonylation route to isoindenes: a new sythesis of 2,2-dimethyl-and 2,2-spirocyclopentyl-isoindeneWarrener, R.N.; Harrison, P.A.; Russell, R.A.
1984A photochemical approach to methyl-substituted 5-oxabicyclo[2.1.0]pent-2-enes (Dewar furans)Warrener, R.N.; Pitt, I.G.; Russell, R.A.
1986A new route to 3-hydroxyphthalides: application to the synthesis of racemic [5-¹³C] daunomycinoneBecker, A.M.; Irvine, R.W.; McCormick, A.S.; Russell, R.A.; Warrener, R.N.
1985Regioselective bond cleavage and coordination effects in the reduction of some acetals with lithium in ammoniaAbell, A.D.; Massywestropp, R.A.
1985The structure of a stable serrulatane diterpenoid acetal from eremophila rotundifoliaAbell, A.D.; Horn, E.; Jones, G.P.; Snow, M.R.; Massywestropp, R.A.; Riccio, R.
1985Mechanism of acetal cleavage with methylmagnesium iodideAbell, A.D.; Massywestropp, R.A.