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1981An investigation of the reaction of dehydrogenating agents with a stable 8-Oxatricyclo[4,3,0,0⁷,⁹]nona-2,4-diene and related Bicylo[4,2,0]octa-2,4-dienes as a potential route to isobenzofuransTan, R.Y.S.; Russell, R.A.; Warrener, R.N.
1981The regiospecific preparation of 1,4-dioxygenated anthraquinones: a new route to islandicin, digitopurpone, and madeirinRussell, R.A.; Warrener, R.N.
1982Photobisdecarbonylation of benzonorbornene-2,3-dione at low temperatures: isolation and characterisation of novel isoindene (2H-indene) dimersWarrener, R.N.; Pitt, I.G.; Russell, R.A.
1982Photodimers of isobenzofuran: a novel application of lanthanide induced shift spectroscopy to determine stereochemistryWarrener, R.N.; Pitt, I.G.; Russell, R.A.
1981Regiospecific cycloaddition of 1-substituted isobenzofurans to quinone acetalsWarrener, R.N.; Hammer, B.C.; Russell, R.A.
1984A caveat regarding chiroptical measurements of chiral anthracyclinonesRussell, R.A.; Irvine, R.W.; Krauss, A.S.
1987Regiospecific synthesis of bis(quinone monoacetals) and their annelation to give bisanthraquinonesRussell, R.A.; Day, A.I.; Pilley, B.A.; Leavy, P.J.; Warrener, R.N.
1984Linear annelation of tricyclic quinones by site selective reaction with dienesWarrener, R.N.; Evans, D.A.C.; Russell, R.A.
1984A high-yielding enantiospecific synthesis of (-)-7-deoxydaunomycinoneRussell, R.A.; Krauss, A.S.; Warrener, R.N.; Irvine, R.W.
1983An economical and versatile synthesis of 5,8-dialkoxy-2-acetyl-3,4-dihydronaphthalenes: key precursors for the synthesis of chiral anthracyclinesRussell, R.A.; Collin, G.J.; Gee, P.S.; Warrener, R.N.