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Type: Other
Title: Andorra
Issue Date: 1969
Abstract: Andri was the illegitimate son of the teacher and the Senora from over the enemy border. The teacher was afraid to reveal his association with one of the enemy and said that Andri was a Jew whom he had saved from their persecution. Just as Andri had accepted hiself as a Jew, as one who was differenct [different] from the rest of the people of Andorra, it became necessary to tell him that he was if fact one of them - the son of the teacher. But Andri could not believe them now; he would not trust them. The people at any rate refused to believe it, not because they mistrusted the teacher's work, but because it was expedient to have Andri, the Jew. They needed a scapegoat as a cover for their own guilt.
Keywords: Drama
Spoken word
Description: Scanned from the original held Special Collections, Barr Smith Library
Call number: 792 T3743 TSA/ UaDs 1969.1
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