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2016Bacteria within the gastrointestinal tract microbiota correlated with improved growth and feed conversion: challenges presented for the identification of performance enhancing probiotic bacteriaStanley, D.; Hughes, R.; Geier, M.; Moore, R.
2016A novel model for acute peripheral nerve injury in the horse and evaluation of the effect of mesenchymal stromal cells applied in situ on nerve regeneration: a preliminary studyCruz Villagrán, C.; Schumacher, J.; Donnell, R.; Dhar, M.
2015Combined effects of muricid extract and 5-fluorouracil on intestinal toxicity in ratsYazbeck, R.; Lindsay, R.; Abbott, C.; Benkendorff, K.; Howarth, G.
2016Expected work conditions - you want me to do what?Feakes, A.M.; Hyams, J.; Cake, M.; Barber, S.; Webster, B.; Palmer, E.J.; Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference (AVA) (23 May 2016 : Adelaide, SA)
2015Precision of spinal radiographs as a screening test for intervertebral disc calcification in DachshundsRosenblatt, A.; Hill, P.; Davies, S.; Webster, N.; Lappalainen, A.; Bottema, C.; Caraguel, C.
2013ifet-1 is a broad-scale translational repressor required for normal P granule formation in C. elegansSengupta, M.; Low, W.; Patterson, J.; Kim, H.-M.; Traven, A.; Beilharz, T.; Colaiacovo, M.; Schisa, J.; Boag, P.
2016Control of estrus and ovulation: fertility to timed insemination of gilts and sowsDe Rensis, F.; Kirkwood, R.
2018Follow-up surveys of people who have adopted dogs and cats from an Australian shelterScott, S.; Jong, E.; McArthur, M.; Hazel, S.
2010Recognition and detoxification of the insecticide DDT by Drosophila melanogaster glutathione S-transferase D1Low, W.; Feil, S.; Ng, H.; Gorman, M.; Morton, C.; Pyke, J.; McConville, M.; Bieri, M.; Mok, Y.; Robin, C.; Gooley, P.; Parker, M.; Batterham, P.
2016Gender and university differences in career sector and business intent of Australian veterinary studentsFeakes, A.M.; Hyams, J.; Barber, S.; Cake, M.; Webster, B.; Palmer, E.; Petrovski, K.; Thomsen, D.; Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference (AVA) (23 May 2016 : Adelaide, SA)