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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Neospora abortions in dairy cattle: diagnosis, mode of transmission and controlHall, C.; Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2008Paravertebral Blockade of the Brachial Plexus in DogsLemke, K.; Creighton, C.
2005Effects of host maturity and prior exposure history on the production of Neospora caninum oocysts by dogsGondim, L.; McAllister, M.; Gao, L.
2014Evaluation of a novel accelerometer for kinetic gait analysis in dogsClark, K.; Caraguel, C.; Leahey, L.; Béraud, R.
2007Identification of plasmid-mediated extended-spectrum and AmpC β-lactamases in Enterobacter spp. isolated from dogsSidjabat, H.; Hanson, N.; Smith-Morland, E.; Bell, J.; Gibson, J.; Filippich, L.; Trott, D.
2010Sand impaction of the small intestine in eight dogsMoles, A.; McGhie, J.; Schaaf, O.; Read, R.
2010Fatal aortic oesophageal fistula following oesophageal foreign body removal in a dogKeir, I.; Woolford, L.; Hirst, C.; Adamantos, S.
2006Survey of the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions in small animals in general practiceHill, P.; Lo, A.; Eden, C.; Huntley, S.; Morey, V.; Ramsay, S.; Richardson, C.; Smith, D.; Sutton, C.; Taylor, M.; Thorpe, E.; Tidmarsh, R.; Williams, V.
2005Effectiveness of low dose immunotherapy in the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis: a prospective, double-blinded, clinical studyColombo, S.; Hill, P.; Shaw, D.; Thoday, K.
2006Evaluation of IgG subclass responses against Dermatophagoides farinae allergens in healthy and atopic dogsHou, C.; Day, M.; Nuttall, T.; Hill, P.