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2016Isolation of mecC MRSA in AustraliaWorthing, K.; Coombs, G.; Pang, S.; Abraham, S.; Saputra, S.; Trott, D.; Jordan, D.; Wong, H.; Abraham, R.; Norris, J.
2008Phylogenetic analysis of Porphyromonas species isolated from the oral cavity of Australian marsupialsMikkelsen, D.; Milinovich, G.; Burrell, P.; Huynh, S.; Pettett, L.; Blackall, L.; Trott, D.; Bird, P.
2017Effects ofs from Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii on intestinal epithelial cells and a rat model of 5-fluorouracil-induced mucositisWang, H.; Jatmiko, Y.; Bastian, S.; Mashtoub, S.; Howarth, G.
2014Grape seed extract dose-responsively decreases disease severity in a rat model of mucositis; concomitantly enhancing chemotherapeutic effectiveness in colon cancer cellsCheah, K.; Howarth, G.; Bastian, S.; Muders, M.
2006Survey of the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions in small animals in general practiceHill, P.; Lo, A.; Eden, C.; Huntley, S.; Morey, V.; Ramsay, S.; Richardson, C.; Smith, D.; Sutton, C.; Taylor, M.; Thorpe, E.; Tidmarsh, R.; Williams, V.
2007When do differences in dissolution profiles predict clinical problems?Ngo, S.
2006Adsorption of bisphosphonate onto hydroxyapatite using a novel co-precipitation technique for bone growth enhancementMcLeod, K.; Anderson, G.; Dutta, N.; Smart, R.; Voelcker, N.; Sekel, R.; Kumar, S.
2005A decade of discoveries in veterinary protozoology changes our concept of "subclinical" toxoplasmosisMcAllister, M.
2012Pig-shed air polluted by α-haemolytic cocci and ammonia causes subclinical disease and production lossesMurphy, T.; Cargill, C.; Rutley, D.; Stott, P.
2005Species specificity in the adherence of staphylococci to canine and human corneocytes: a preliminary studySimou, C.; Hill, P.; Forsythe, P.; Thoday, K.