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2007Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of hindgut bacteria associated with the development of equine laminitisMilinovich, G.; Trott, D.; Burrell, P.; Croser, E.; al Jassim, R.; Morton, J.; van Eps, A.; Pollitt, C.
2006Spherical body formation in the spirochaete Brachyspira hyodysenteriaeWood, E.; Seviour, R.; Siddique, A.; Glaisher, R.; Webb, R.; Trott, D.
2017Efficacy evaluation of a new water sanitizer for increasing the shelf life of Southern Australian King George Whiting and Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon filletsKhazandi, M.; Deo, P.; Ferro, S.; Venter, H.; Pi, H.; Crabb, S.; Amorico, T.; Ogunniyi, A.; Trott, D.
2008Streptococcus henryi sp. nov. and Streptococcus caballi sp. nov., isolated from the hindgut of horses with oligofructuose-induced laminitisMilinovich, G.; Burrell, P.; Pollitt, C.; Bouvet, A.; Trott, D.
2009Occult bacterial lower urinary tract infections in cats - Urinalysis and culture findingsLitster, A.; Moss, S.; Platell, J.; Trott, D.
2008Urinary tract infection in catsLitster, A.; Trott, D.; Moss, S.
2005Application of nox-restriction fragment length polymorphism for the differentiation of Brachyspira intestinal spirochetes isolated from pigs and poultry in AustraliaTownsend, K.; Giang, V.; Stephens, C.; Scott, P.; Trott, D.
2017Current and future antimicrobial resistance issues for the Australian pig industryAbraham, S.; O'Dea, M.; Page, S.; Trott, D.
2017Antimicrobial prescribing in dogs and cats in Australia: results of the Australasian Infectious Disease Advisory Panel surveyHardefeldt, L.; Holloway, S.; Trott, D.; Shipstone, M.; Barrs, V.; Malik, R.; Burrows, M.; Armstrong, S.; Browning, G.; Stevenson, M.
2018Characterisation of Staphylococcus felis isolated from cats using whole genome sequencingWorthing, K.; Pang, S.; Trott, D.; Abraham, S.; Coombs, G.; Jordan, D.; McIntyre, L.; Davies, M.; Norris, J.