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2006Emergence and spread of two distinct clonal groups of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli in a veterinary teaching hospital in AustraliaSidjabat, H.; Townsend, K.; Lorentzen, M.; Gobius, K.; Fegan, N.; Chin, J.; Bettelheim, K.; Hanson, N.; Bensink, J.; Trott, D.
2007Clinical efficacy and palatability of pradofloxacin 2.5% oral suspension for the treatment of bacterial lower urinary tract infections in catsLitster, A.; Moss, S.; Honnery, M.; Rees, B.; Edingloh, M.; Trott, D.
2008Microbial ecology of the equine hindgut during oligofructose-induced laminitisMilinovich, G.; Burrell, P.; Pollitt, C.; Klieve, A.; Blackall, L.; Ouwerkerk, D.; Woodland, E.; Trott, D.
2011Phylogenetic grouping, antibiotic resistance profile, fluoroquinolone susceptibility and ST131 status of canine extra intestinal Escherichia Coli isolated from submissions to a veterinary diagnostic laboratory 2005-08Platell, J.; Trott, D.; Wetzstein, H.; Leitner, M.; Cobbold, R.
2007Comparative Analysis of Virulence Genes, Genetic Diversity, and Phylogeny of Commensal and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Isolates from Weaned PigsWu, X.; Chapman, T.; Trott, D.; Bettelheim, K.; Do, T.; Driesen, S.; Walker, M.; Chin, J.
2009Antimicrobial use in the Australian pig industry -results of a national surveyJordan, D.; Chin, J.; Fahy, V.; Barton, M.; Smith, M.; Trott, D.
2010Fluoroquinolone resistance mechanisms in multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli isolated from extraintestinal infections in dogsGibson, J.; Cobbold, R.; Kyaw-Tanner, M.; Heisig, P.; Trott, D.
2011Experimental colonization of the canine urinary tract with the asymptomatic bacteriuria Escherichia coli strain 83972Thompson, M.; Totsika, M.; Schembri, M.; Mills, P.; Seton, E.; Trott, D.
2011Multidrug-resistant extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli of sequence type ST131 in animals and foodsPlatell, J.; Johnson, J.; Cobbold, R.; Trott, D.
2008Multidrug-resistant E. coli and Enterobacter extraintestinal infection in 37 DogsGibson, J.; Morton, J.; Cobbold, R.; Sidjabat, H.; Filippich, L.; Trott, D.