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2016Robenidine analogues as Gram-positive antibacterial agentsAbraham, R.; Stevens, A.; Young, K.; Russell, C.; Qvist, A.; Khazandi, M.; Wong, H.; Abraham, S.; Ogunniyi, A.; Page, S.; O'Handley, R.; McCluskey, A.; Trott, D.
2018Bioluminescent murine models of bacterial sepsis and scald wound infections for antimicrobial efficacy testingOgunniyi, A.; Kopecki, Z.; Hickey, E.; Khazandi, M.; Peel, E.; Belov, K.; Boileau, A.; Garg, S.; Venter, H.; Chan, W.; Hill, P.; Page, S.; Cowin, A.; Trott, D.; Hamblin, M.R.
2018Autophagy induced during apoptosis degrades mitochondria and inhibits type i interferon secretionLindqvist, L.; Frank, D.; McArthur, K.; Dite, T.; Lazarou, M.; Oakhill, J.; Kile, B.; Vaux, D.
2019Ultrasensitive Colorimetric Detection of Murine Norovirus Using NanoZyme AptasensorWeerathunge, P.; Ramanathan, R.; Torok, V.A.; Hodgson, K.; Xu, Y.; Goodacre, R.; Behera, B.K.; Bansal, V.
2013Essential developmental, genomic stability, and tumour suppressor functions of the mouse orthologue of hSSB1/NABP2Shi, W.; Bain, A.; Schwer, B.; Al-ejeh, F.; Smith, C.; Wong, L.; Chai, H.; Miranda, M.; Ho, U.; Kawaguchi, M.; Miura, Y.; Finnie, J.; Wall, M.; Heierhorst, J.; Wicking, C.; Spring, K.; Alt, F.; Khanna, K.
2014Castration promotes welfare in group-housed male Swiss outbred mice maintained in educational institutionsVaughan, L.; Dawson, J.; Porter, P.; Whittaker, A.
2015Effects on animal wellbeing and sample quality of 2 techniques for collecting blood from the facial vein of miceFrancisco, C.; Howarth, G.; Whittaker, A.
2022A lipoglycopeptide antibiotic for Gram-positive biofilm-related infectionsBlaskovich, M.A.T.; Hansford, K.A.; Butler, M.S.; Ramu, S.; Kavanagh, A.M.; Jarrad, A.M.; Prasetyoputri, A.; Pitt, M.E.; Huang, J.X.; Lindahl, F.; Ziora, Z.M.; Bradford, T.; Muldoon, C.; Rajaratnam, P.; Pelingon, R.; Edwards, D.J.; Zhang, B.; Amado, M.; Elliott, A.G.; Zuegg, J.; et al.
2022Antigiardial activity of novel guanidine compoundsStevens, A.J.; Abraham, R.; Young, K.A.; Russell, C.C.; McCluskey, S.N.; Baker, J.R.; Rusdi, B.; Page, S.W.; O'Handley, R.; O'Dea, M.; Abraham, S.; McCluskey, A.