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2008Laboratory strains of murine cytomegalovirus are genetically similar to but phenotypically distinct from wild strains of virusSmith, L.; McWhorter, A.; Masters, L.; Shellam, G.; Redwood, A.
2005Reduction in transplacental transmission of Neospora caninum in outbred mice by vaccinationMiller, C.; Quinn, H.; Ryce, C.; Reichel, M.; Ellis, J.
2006Survey of the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions in small animals in general practiceHill, P.; Lo, A.; Eden, C.; Huntley, S.; Morey, V.; Ramsay, S.; Richardson, C.; Smith, D.; Sutton, C.; Taylor, M.; Thorpe, E.; Tidmarsh, R.; Williams, V.
2009Dietary zinc supplementation and methotrexate-induced small intestinal mucositis in metallothionein-knockout and wild-type miceTran, C.; Sundar, S.; Howarth, G.
2002Improved production of Neospora caninum oocysts, cyclical oral transmission between dogs and cattle, and in vitro isolation from oocystsGondim, L.F.P.; Gao, L.; McAllister, M.M.
2006Generalized alopecic and cystic dermatosis in a cat: a counterpart to the hairless mouse phenotype or a unique congenital dermatosis?Neuber, A.; Van Den Broek, A.; Rhind, S.; Hill, P.; Thoday, K.
2004Retrotransposons regulate host genes in mouse oocytes and preimplantation embryosPeaston, A.; Eviskov, A.; Graber, J.; de Vries, W.; Holbrook, A.; Soltor, D.; Knowles, B.
2009Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from the brain of a dog in Australia and its biological and molecular characterizationAl-Qassab, S.; Reichel, M.; Su, C.; Jenkins, D.; Hall, C.; Windsor, P.; Dubey, J.; Ellis, J.
2008Analysis of gene expression in a developmental context emphasizes distinct biological leitmotifs in human cancersNaxerova, K.; Bult, C.; Peaston, A.; Fancher, K.; Knowles, B.; Kasif, S.; Kohane, I.
2008The Resistance of BALB/cJ Mice to Yersinia pestis Maps to the Major Histocompatibility Complex of Chromosome 17Turner, J.; McAllister, M.; Xu, J.; Tapping, R.