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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Eggshell color in brown-egg laying hens - a reviewSamiullah, S.; Roberts, J.; Chousalkar, K.
2018A long-term efficacy trial of a live, attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium vaccine in layer hensMcWhorter, A.; Chousalkar, K.
2014Association between indoor environmental contamination by Salmonella enterica and contamination of eggs on layer farmsGole, V.; Torok, V.; Sexton, M.; Caraguel, C.; Chousalkar, K.
2014Shedding of Salmonella in single age caged commercial layer flock at an early stage of layGole, V.; Caraguel, C.; Sexton, M.; Fowler, C.; Chousalkar, K.
2016Chasing Salmonella Typhimurium in free range egg production systemChousalkar, K.; Gole, V.; Caraguel, C.; Rault, J.
2017Correlating bacterial shedding with fecal corticosterone levels and serological responses from layer hens experimentally infected with Salmonella TyphimuriumSharma, P.; Pande, V.; Moyle, T.; McWhorter, A.; Chousalkar, K.
2017Salmonella Typhimurium in the Australian egg industry: multidisciplinary approach to addressing the public health challenge and future directionsChousalkar, K.; Sexton, M.; McWhorter, A.; Hewson, K.; Martin, G.; Shadbolt, C.; Goldsmith, P.
2015Pathogenicity of Salmonella strains isolated from egg shells and the layer farm environment in AustraliaMcWhorter, A.; Davos, D.; Chousalkar, K.
2015Comparative phenotypic and genotypic virulence of Salmonella strains isolated from Australian layer farmsMcWhorter, A.; Chousalkar, K.
2016Infectious bronchitis virus and brown shell colour: Australian strains of infectious bronchitis virus affect brown eggshell colour in commercial laying hens differentlySamiullah, S.; Roberts, J.; Chousalkar, K.