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2007Comparison of serological methods for the diagnosis of Neospora caninum infection in cattleWapenaar, W.; Barkema, H.; VanLeeuwen, J.; McClure, J.; O'Handley, R.; Kwok, O.; Thulliez, P.; Dubey, J.; Jenkins, M.
2007Management of airway difficulties during induction of general anesthesia in an American miniature horse with dwarfismHatfield, Cindy L.; Riley, Christopher Bruce
2007Identification of infrared absorption spectral characteristics of synovial fluid of horses with osteochondrosis of the tarsocrural jointVijarnsorn, M.; Riley, C.; Ryan, D.; Rose, P.; Shaw, R.
2007Safety and Efficacy of the Mycoplasma synoviae MS-H Vaccine in TurkeysNoormohammadi, A.; Hemmatzadeh, F.; Whithear, K.
2007Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of gp51 gene of bovine leukaemia virus in Iranian IsolatesHemmatzadeh, F.
2007Ultrastructural observations on effects of infectious bronchitis virus in eggshell-forming regions of the oviduct of the commercial laying henChousalkar, K.; Roberts, J.
2007Achados endoscópico e citológico das vias respiratórias de potros puro sangue Inglês em início de treinamento no Jóquei Clube Do ParanáPereira Santos, L.C.; Michelotto Jr, P.V.; Kozemjakin, D.A.
2007Genome plasticity in the mouse oocyte and early embryoPeaston, A.; Knowles, B.; Hutchison, K.
2007The cardiopulmonary effects of etorphine, azaperone, detomidine, and butorphanol in field-anesthetized white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum)Wenger, S.; Boardman, W.; Buss, P.; Govender, D.; Foggin, C.
2007Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis: balancing the three factorsHill, P.