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2007Sarcoptic mange in three alpacas treated successfully with amitrazLau, P.; Hill, P.; Rybnicek, J.; Steel, L.
2007Development of an owner-assessed scale to measure the severity of pruritus in dogsHill, P.; Lau, P.; Rybnicek, J.
2007Effects of Rho-kinase and Src protein tyrosine kinase inhibition on agonist-induced vasoconstriction of arteries and veins of the equine laminar dermisRobertson, T.; Moore, J.; Noschka, E.; Lewis, T.; Lewis, S.; Peroni, J.
2007Effect of voltage-gated and capacitative calcium entry blockade on agonist-inducted construction of equine laminar blood vesselsPeroni, J.; Moore, J.; Noschka, E.; Lewis, T.; Lewis, S.; Robertson, T.
2007Evaluation of activation of protein kinase C during agonist-induced constriction of veins isolated from the laminar dermis of horsesRobertson, T.; Moore, J.; Noschka, E.; Lewis, T.; Lewis, S.; Peroni, J.
2007Paracellular nutrient absorption in a gum-feeding new world primate, the common marmoset Callithrix jacchusMcWhorter, T.; Karasov, W.
2007Klossiella quimrensis (apicomplexa: klossiellidae) causes renal coccidiosis in Western Barred Bandicoots perameles bougainville (marsupialia: peramelidae) in Western AustraliaBennett, M.; Woolford, L.; O'Hara, A.; Nicholls, P.; Warren, K.; Friend, J.; Swan, R.
2007Characterization of Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis strains: PCR-RFLP of the internal transcribed spacer region from the amoeba and endosymbiontCaraguel, C.; Donay, N.; Frasca, S.; O'Kelly, C.; Cawthorn, R.; Greenwood, S.
2007Microheterogeneity and Coevolution: An Examination of rDNA sequence characteristics in Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis and its Prokinetoplastid EndosymbiontCaraguel, C.; O'Kelly, C.; Legendre, P.; Frasca, S.; Gast, R.; Despres, B.; Cawthorn, R.; Greenwood, S.
2007A novel virus detected in papillomas and carcinomas of the endangered western barred bandicoot (Perameles bougainville) exhibits genomic features of both the Papillomaviridae and PolyomaviridaeWoolford, L.; Rector, A.; Van Ranst, M.; Ducki, A.; Bennett, M.; Nicholls, P.; Warren, K.; Swan, R.; Wilcox, G.; O'Hara, A.