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2008Filoplumes and pinholes in ostrich hidesBlack, D.; Glatz, P.
2008Seroreactivity against Streptococcal DRS (Distantly Related to SIC) protein is a predictor for End-Stage renal failureBoon, V.; Munro, J.; Kan, G.; Burnell, J.; Speare, R.
2008The prevalence of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes and Campylobacter spp. on bovine carcasses in Isfahan, IranRahimi, E.; Momtaz, H.; Hemmatzadeh, F.
2008Paravertebral Blockade of the Brachial Plexus in DogsLemke, K.; Creighton, C.
2008Effects of body position and clinical signs on L7-S1 intervertebral foraminal area and lumbosacral angle in dogs with lumbosacral disease as measured via computed tomographyJones, J.; Davies, S.; Werre, S.; Shackleford, K.
2008Neosporosis in Sheep and Different Breeds of Goats from Southern Jordan: Prevalence and Risk Factors AnalysisAl-Majali, A.; Jawasreh, K.; Talafha, H.; Talafha, A.
2008Microbial ecology of the equine hindgut during oligofructose-induced laminitisMilinovich, G.; Burrell, P.; Pollitt, C.; Klieve, A.; Blackall, L.; Ouwerkerk, D.; Woodland, E.; Trott, D.
2008Cellular and some biochemical changes in blood and peritoneal fluid constituents in Awassi lambs following elective castrationAl-Zghoul, M.; Al-Rukibat, R.; Talafha, A.; Ababneh, O.; Ismail, Z.
2008The effect of estus synchronization treatment on somatic cell count of transitional-anestrus local-Damascus cross breed goats' milkTalafha, A.; Lafi, S.; Ababneh, M.
2008The public health and clinical significance of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in domestic animalsThompson, R.; Palmer, C.; O'Handley, R.