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2008Total hip arthroplasty outcomes assessment using functional and radiographic scores to compare canine systemsIwata, D.; Broun, H.; Black, A.; Preston, C.; Anderson, G.
2008Analysis of gene expression in a developmental context emphasizes distinct biological leitmotifs in human cancersNaxerova, K.; Bult, C.; Peaston, A.; Fancher, K.; Knowles, B.; Kasif, S.; Kohane, I.
2008GADD45 and DNA demethylation [letter]Peaston, A.
2008Laboratory strains of murine cytomegalovirus are genetically similar to but phenotypically distinct from wild strains of virusSmith, L.; McWhorter, A.; Masters, L.; Shellam, G.; Redwood, A.
2008Prior infection with murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) limits the immunocontraceptive effects of an MCMV vector expressing the mouse zona-pellucida-3 proteinGorman, S.; Lloyd, M.; Smith, L.; McWhorter, A.; Lawson, M.; Redwood, A.; Shellam, G.
2008Retrospective study of Campylobacter infection in a zoological collectionTaema, M.; Bull, J.; Macgregor, S.; Flach, E.; Boardman, W.; Routh, A.
2008Analysis of Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism in Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus)Kilgallon, C.; Flach, E.; Boardman, W.; Routh, A.; Strike, T.; Jackson, B.
2008Birth weight and gender determine expression of adipogenic, lipogenic and adipokine genes in perirenal adipose tissue in the young adult sheepMuhlhausler, B.; Ritorto, V.; Schultz, C.; Chatterton, B.; Duffield, J.; McMillen, I.
2008Genomic characterization of a novel virus found in papillomatous lesions from a southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) in Western AustraliaBennett, M.; Woolford, L.; Stevens, H.; Van Ranst, M.; Oldfield, T.; Slaven, M.; O'Hara, A.; Warren, K.; Nicholls, P.
2008Chickens (Gallus domesticus) are natural intermediate hosts of Neospora caninumCosta, K.; Santos, S.; Uzeda, R.; Pinheiro, A.; Almeida, M.; Araujo, F.; McAllister, M.; Gondim, L.