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2009Transverse and dorso-ventral changes in thoracic dimension during equine locomotionThorpe, C.; Marlin, D.; Franklin, S.; Colborne, G.
2009Azaperone e sua associação com xilazina ou dexmedetomidina em suínosFlores, F.N.; Tavares, S.G.; de Moraes, A.N.; Oleskovicz, N.; Santos, L.C.P.; Minsky, V.; Keshen, E.
2009Effects of intraarticular ropivacaine and morphine on lipopolysaccharide-induced synovitis in horsesSantos, L.; de Moraes, A.; Saito, M.
2009Isolation of Toxoplasma gondii from the brain of a dog in Australia and its biological and molecular characterizationAl-Qassab, S.; Reichel, M.; Su, C.; Jenkins, D.; Hall, C.; Windsor, P.; Dubey, J.; Ellis, J.
2009Atlas of clinical avian hematologyClark, P.; Boardman, W.; Raidal, S.
2009Comparison of characteristics and enzymatic products of leukocytes in the skin and laminar tissues of horses administered black walnut heartwood extract or lipopolysaccharideRiggs, L.; Krunkosky, T.; Noschka, E.; Boozer, L.; Moore, J.; Robertson, T.
2009The effects of PG600 and boar exposure on oestrus detection and potential litter size following mating at either the induced (pubertal) or second oestrusBartlett, A.; Pain, S.; Hughes, P.; Stott, P.; Van Wettere, W.
2009Cloning and expression of koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) liver Cytochrome P450 reductaseKong, S.; Ngo, S.; McKinnon, R.; Stupans, I.
2009Invasive species can't cover their tracks: using microsatellites to assist management of starling (Sturnus vulgaris) populations in Western AustraliaRollins, L.; Woolnough, A.; Wilton, A.; Sinclair, R.; Sherwin, W.
2009Effect of body condition score of the dairy cow on the in vitro immune response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to progesterone stimulationOhtsuka, H.; Murase, Y.; Ando, T.; Kohiruimaki, M.; Mukai, M.; Oikawa, M.; Petrovski, K.; Morris, S.